Which country shipping can through ePacket

Which countries can choose ePacket?

  1. The ePacket available in the following countries:

United States, Russia, Canada, Norway, Australia, France, Germany, Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine

New adding 20 countries available for ePacket :Hongkong, Mylasia, Korea, Sinapore, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey, Mexico.


  1. Time on the way to you through international ePacket:

Asia, including Hongkong, Mylasia, Korea, Sinapore, it will take 5-10 bussiness days from China to your address.

US and Europe countries, including USA, Canada, Norway, Australia, Britain, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Irland, Portugal, Germany, France, it will take 7-15 bussiness days from China to your address.

The other countries, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Mexico, Turkey,  Russia, It will take 10-25 bussiness days.


  1. International ePacket is restricted for e-liquid and E-cigarette battery.

How to choose your special 808d battery?

How to choose your special 808d battery?

The KE808d battery is a automatic battery, without button or switch. When you put in your mouth, you can smoke directly. It is very convenient.

Everyone likes it. So how to select your special 808d battery:

KE 808d battery
KE 808d battery
item Battery volume Length Diameter Puffs
808d 180mah 66mm 9.2mm 200
808d 280mah 78mm 9.2mm 350
808d-X 400mah 76mm 11mm 500
808d-XX 1300mah 90mm 15mm 1500Select according to your smoke experience:

Select the 808d battery according to your smoke experience:

  1. Smoke fresher, you can choose 180mah battery 808d, it is same size with real cigarette.

2. More than one year smoke experience, you can choose 280mah battery 808d. You can enjoy special experience.

3. 808D battery biggest volume, 1300mah is special for additive nicotine smoker. You can enjoy it without recharging in whole day.

KE808d battery
KE808d battery


So please choose according to your experience and select your special 808d battery.

KE808d battery
KE808d battery
KE808d battery
KE808d battery
KE808d battery
KE808d battery

2016 newest arrive KE808D-X Battery for KR808d DSE901 4081 Electronic Cigarettes

KE808D-X Battery
KE808D-X Battery

Show you advantage of the 808d-x battery.

First: The 808d-X is a automatic battery, without button or switch. When you put in your mouth, you can smoke directly. It is very convenient.

KE808D-X Battery
KE808D-X Battery

Second: it is slim, the length is only 78CM, Diameter is 11mm, it is light. So it is popular among youth. Slim and modern, when you hold one in your hand, it is fashion and modern.

KE808D-X Battery
KE808D-X Battery

Third: The 808d-X battery is good design, beautiful performance. By the bottom, it is one diamond light. When you smoke among people, the light is on and off, so you are the shinning among the people. You are the focus among the people especial in the evening.

KE808D-X Battery
KE8KE808D-X Battery

Fourth: It is high quality battery. In china, we have A plug battery core. All the 808d-x battery, we offer you the A plus battery core. You can use at least 180 days. You don’t worry about it.

KE808D-X Battery
KE808D-X Battery

Fit: The 808D-X battery is suitable for all 808d thread atomizer, E smart, E slim atomizer. Also suitable for dispensable 808d cartomizer.

KE808D-X Battery
KE808D-X Battery

How to choose e-liquid for e-cigarettes?

Many electronic cigarette dealers do not know how to choose e-juice online wholesale, always try to sell and then sum up experience, spend a lot of time and wasted a lot of opportunities, I summed up some experience according to different regions and different electronic cigarettes wholesale customers, the following introduction sharing:

Which e-Juice flavors are popular and hot sell?

Tobacco Flavors: Marlboro, Tobacco, Camel, RY4, Prince, Hilton, 555, Dunhill, Kent, Winston, Blended, Mild Seven, Pipe, Cigar, Seven stars

Marlboro, Tobacco, Camel and RY4 flavors are hot sell, almost all country are like it. Especially in the U.S.A

Prince, Hilton, 555, Dunhill,Kent, Winston, these flavors are poplar in Americas.

Pipe and Cigar are popular in European.

Seven stars and Mild seven are popular in Japan and Korea.

Mint Flavors: Menthol, Mint, Vanilla

Menthol and Vanilla are popular and hot sell, almost all country are like it.

Mint is popular in some country.

Fruit Flavors: Cherry, Apple, Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry, Grape, Pineapple, Lemon, Mango, Juicy peach, Fruit mix

Cherry, Apple, Strawberry and Juicy peach flavors are hot sell, almost all country are like it. Especially in the U.S.A

Blueberry, Grape, Pineapple, Lemon, Mango and Fruit mix are popular in USA.

Pineapple, Banana, Lemon, Mango and Fruit mix are popular in Southeast Asia.

Drink Flavors: Coffee, Chocolate, Black Tea, Rum, Wiskey, Red Bull

Coffee, Chocolate, Black Tea and Red Bull are hot sell, almost all country are like it. Especially in the U.S.A

Rum and Wiskey are popular in USA.

I suggest you choose Marlboro, tobacco, camel, RY4, Menthol, Vanilla, Cheery, Apple, strawberry and Coffee if you are a new e-liquid dealer.

Which e-Juice Strength is popular and hot sell?

0mg, 11mg and 18mg e-liquid strength are popular and hot sell.

24mg e-juice strength is popular in USA and Germany. Only some people like it.

6mg e-liquid strength is popular in USA and European.

How to choose the e-Juice base?

Conventional e-juice base is 80% PG and 20% VG, Only some people like 100% VG e-juice base.

If you want to get more e-juice base information, please click the e-juice base link to study it.

Which ml e-juice bottle is hot sale?

10ml e-liquid and 30ml e-juice are hot sale and popular. I suggest you choose 10ml e-juice. Most customers like 10 ml e-juice, only some people like 50ml e-juice.


Which e-juice brand should I choose?

Dekang e-juice is the most famous and Taste is the best.

Hangsen e-liquid is popular and cheaper Price.

what you must to know for battery safety

Battery safety- what you must to know!

First, before anything else, proper battery care is important and should never be overlooked.  Some electronic cigarette manufacturers use the a poor batteries in China, The battery life is very short and very dangerous。Of course, these batteries is very cheap, and The batteries are less prone to regulation and oversight. They are also made by people who will never see you or face any consequences of bad proucts.   it is very rare that a batery will vent, explode or otherwise cause trouble. but we have all heard the stories right?

I don’t want to hear about one after another stories!

I cannot protect you from a bad battery I have no way of testing for potential bad batteries, only you through your vigilence and following some simple saftey tips can prevent something from happening.

Battery Safety Tips

1. Do not leave a charging battery unattended for any reason

It is not safe to leave your house, have them charge over night or otherwise ignore them.  When batteries fail it is usually in a dramatic fashion: venting liquid, heat and even flame in rare cases.

You wouldn’t leave the oven on; don’t leave your batteries charging!

 2. Inspect your batteries for signs of leakage.

Look at the battery, if it is a mod battery, inspect the seals, the coatings, the ends, look for torn seals, discolored areas or anything that doesn’t look like it belongs. Do this every time you charge the mod battery!

If you have a sealed battery like an eGo, make sure to do all of the above as well. It’s not as easy to see, but a bad eGo battery may show signs of danger as well.

3. Do not store your batteries in a hot place, in direct sunlight or in a tightly enclosed space. 

“Explosions” can happen when safety precautions aren’t taken.

4. Do not charge your batteries overnight.

This falls under Rule #1: “Do not leave charging batteries unattended!” Just don’t do it.

5. Check your charging cables 

Look for liquid, debris or signs of warping, melting or anything out of the ordinary. If it looks like something is amiss, don’t use it!

6. Clean the tops of your eGo batteries. 

Keep them clean of any residue, liquid or other debris, and check the charging cable connections well. Check everytime you charge a battery!

7. Keep odd battery problems in check

If your battery button sticks; if your battery is behaving unusually; if you even suspect there is something strange about the way your battery is working or chargind, do not use it. It is not worth the price of a battery to risk anything happening.  When in doubt, throw it out! (Preferably in a safe manner at your local recycling center)

8. Careful storage

Do not store a battery in your pocket, the actions of bending and twisting can turn on a battery, break a battery or otherwise cause damage. Do not store a battery in a purse with a device attached.

If this sounds like I am trying to scare you… you’d be right!

Batteries can be dangerous, can burn you and your belongings or, in rare cases, can start a fire.  This isn’t just e-cig related, the same thing can happen to your RC car, rechargeable remote batteries or anything else requiring a rechargable battery.

How long is the life of the battery?

How long will the battery last?

How long is the life of the battery?

What is the difference between 650mah battery and 900mah battery, and how long does it take to recharge?  We take the example of 650 mah battery.

If you want the nuts and bolts of it, the scientific answer… read on!

A 650mAh battery will put out 650 “milliamps hours” (mah) of energy, after that it will need to be recharged. .

Let’s say I have an eGo battery at 650 “mAh” and it is rated as 3.3 volts output, and I have a 3.2ohm clearomizer attached to it.

We will need to use Ohm’s law (which is a constant) to work it how long the battery will last. Ohm’s law states that the current drawn equals the voltage, divided by the resistance.

When we apply this to the 650mah battery and 3.2ohm carto the math looks like this:

The voltage of 3.3 is divided by the resistance of 3.2 ohms. 3.3/3.2 = 1.03 amps (not millimaps) – which is the current draw.

We then move the decimal place so we can compare that current to our 650mAh battery – and 1.03 amps becomes 1030 milliamps. (milliamps is actually 1/1000 of an ampere, so 1.03 amps is actually 1030 milliamps)

So we need to move the decimal to figure out, get it? I know, enough with the math right? Sorry, has to be done, so let’s continue…

We must divide the 650 milliamps per hour by the 1030 milliamps per hour we just calculated and we get 0.63 of an hour, which is just under 38 minutes.

This does not mean that your e-cig will only last 38 minutes from the moment you charge it, it simply means if you could hold the button down and fire that clearo for a solid 38 minutes you’d drain the battery of all of it’s charge, but since you cannot so this, you have to add up your “puffs”


How many times in an hour do you press that button?

How long do you press the button?

Do you change clearomizers and change ohms?  

All of this determines how long the battery will last between charges.  If you are a long toker or use lower ohm coils.. it won’t last as long.

Vendors generally say a 650mah battery will last 2-3 hours but it might be just a probably time depending on your style of vaping.

Get a higher mah battery and you need to charge it less often, get a battery with a higher voltage and you’ll charge it more often and maybe even more with a twist or varibale voltage battery.

The point here is no one can tell you how long a battery will last between charges, it’s all about you and what you use.

Also, as batteries lose the ability to chemically create new electrons it will no longer be able to hold a charge, this is battery law based on the chemistry used in the internal battery, over time, your battery will lose it’s ability to recharge and you’ll have to get a new one.  No different than rechargable AA batteries that have to be tossed once in a while.

The average lifespan of a rechargeable battery is about 6-12 months, with the longer the time frame the less your battery capcity will be, so on day one if you get 6 hours of life, after 6 months you may get 3 and after 9, 1 or 2 until it stops holding a charge.

What are these LR and HV ?

LR” stands for low-resistance (for use on 3.7V or less batteries). “HV” stands for high-voltage and, although that is the term such attys go by, it really is a misnomer. They are used on high voltage mods, but the atomizers are high resistance. When appropriately matched with the voltage of the fat batt or mod, LR and HV atomizers are quite safe [do make sure to keep your atty constantly moist] … and can dramatically enhance the intensity of the vape (vapor, flavor, and throat hit).

To understand this HV and LR stuff, it helps to be familiar with Ohms Law … which really isn’t a big deal to grasp. If this non-techie (i.e., yours truly) can do it, anyone can:

Power (measured in watts) is the intensity of the vape. 6-8 watts is the “sweet spot” for most vapers.

Current (measured in amps) is what can burn out atomizers. Roughly speaking: around 1.5 amps is fine; 2.0+ amps is risky.

But watts and amps are not properties of atomizers or batteries. They are derived from atomizer resistance (measured in ohms) and battery voltage (measured, of course, in volts). The formulae are:

Watts = Volts X Volts / Ohms

Amps = Volts / Ohms

So we need to balance battery voltage with atomizer resistance to get an ideal vape intensity (6-8 watts or so) without burning out the atomizer (i.e., not let those amps get too high). If the voltage is too low and/or the atty resistance is too high (relative to each other), the watts are low and you get a wimpy vape (little TH, vapor, and flavor). On the other hand, if the voltage is too high and/or the atty resistance is too low, the amps are high and you can burn out the atomizer.

Caveat Regarding Resistance and Voltage Numbers

In what follows – and throughout the vaping community – we refer to atomizer resistance and battery voltage as a set number, e.g., 2.3 ohms and 3.7V. In fact, atomizer resistance should be viewed as +/- 0.1 ohms, e.g., a “2.3” ohm atty is more like 2.2-2.4 ohms

And actual battery voltage drops considerably from fresh off the charger to stopping. The “nominal” voltage is more of an average or midpoint. For example, a “3.7V” battery starts out at 4.2V fully charged and drops down to 3.2V before demanding to be recharged. [Part of the appeal of high mAh batteries is that they stay at the higher end of the range longer than a low mAh battery.]

Standard (510) Atomizers

A standard 2.3 ohm 510 atty on a 3.4V eGO (i.e., a typical eGO/Tornado, Riva, or Hello 016 kit) generates a safe 1.5 amps … but only 5 watts of power: not bad, but not intense enough for many vapers.

That same atty on a 3.7V mod (or Kr808 battery) yields 6 watts and 1.7 amps: nice vaping with little risk of atty burnout.

HV Atomizers

Most “HV” atomizers are 4.5 ohms resistance and are intended for use on 6V mods (using two 3.0V batteries). This results in 8 watts of vaping (very nice) and 1.3 amps current (a conservative level).

Some HV attys are 3.5 ohms, intended for use on 5V mods: 7 watts and 1.4 amps. [BTW, 3.5 ohms is the resistance of a standard 801 atomizer. Unsurprisingly, prior to the advent of LR and HV atomizers, the 801 was very popular with users of 5V mods like the Prodigy V1 and V2.]

Others are 5.2 ohms, intended for 7.4V mods (using two 3.7V batteries): 10.5 watts (too high for me, but good for some I guess) and 1.4 amps.

So a correct matching of these “HV” atomizers with these 5.0, 6.0, and 7.4 voltage levels delivers a powerful yet safe vape.

LR Atomizers

LR atomizers are intended to yield vape intensity (watts) on 3.4V or 3.7V similar to what the higher voltage mods deliver. But some of them generate atomizer-blowing current.

The further you push the amps above 1.5, the greater the risk of burning out an atomizer (although I wouldn’t worry too much about anything up to 2.0 amps).

The typical resistance of LR atomizers is 1.5 ohms. Vapers routinely use such 1.5 ohm LR attys on 3.4V egos (7.7 watts and 2.3 amps) all the time: excellent vape intensity … but notice that suppliers warn about limited life spans of such LR atomizers. [Used on a 3.7V mod, the amps are 2.5 … and start out at 2.8 amps when the battery is a fully charged 4.2V.] There is no physical danger in such high amps – nothing blows up. It’s just that these 1.5 ohm attys die faster than standard (or high) resistance atomizers.

Another consequence of the high amps created by 1.5 ohm LR atomizers is that they should only be used on batteries of at least 450 mAh. Otherwise, you risk damaging the battery as well.

I like to use 2.0 ohm LR atomizers on my 3.7V mod: 6.8 watts (which is great for me) and 1.85 amps (pretty safe). On an eGO, that would be a fairly satisfying 5.8 watts and non-risky 1.7 amps.

Most suppliers carry LR atomizers and cartomizers. HV attys are more difficult to find.

Those various resistances on 5V, 6V, and 7.4V will generate the following watts (i.e., intensity of the vape) and amps (i.e., the current that fries attys):

3.5Ω: 7.1 watts and 1.4 amps on 5V … 10.3 watts and 1.7 amps on 6V

4.2Ω: 5.9 watts and 1.2 amps on 5V … 8.6 watts and 1.4 amps on 6V

4.5Ω: 8 watts and 1.3 amps on 6V … 12.2 watts and 1.6 amps on 7.4V

4.7Ω: 7.7 watts and 1.3 amps on 6V … 11.6 watts and 1.6 amps on 7.4V

4.8Ω: 7.5 watts and 1.25 amps on 6V … 11.4 watts and 1.5 amps on 7.4V

5.0Ω: 7.2 watts and 1.2 amps on 6V … 11 watts and 1.5 amps on 7.4V

5.5Ω: 6.5 watts and 1.1 amps on 6V … 10 watts and 1.3 amps on 7.4V

All are fairly atomizer-friendly with the current. Your desired intensity is likely to be somewhere in there. [Mine is at the low end, i.e., ~6.5 watts.]

FYI: I didn’t do all those watts and amps calculations in my head. Rather I used this simple online calculator: enter any two values (e.g., ohms and volts) and it calculates the other two (e.g., watts and amps).

What Ohms should I choose?

If you are unsure and want to order what came in your clearomizer or tank, get 2.4-2.8 ohms (2.5 being the most common) it is most likely a match. you could be using low ohms and wondering why everything tastes burnt

Any Ohm rating between 2.4-2.8 is the number one “ohm” chosen and is considered “standard”, it is default in almost every clearomizer that comes out of the factories and is the number one (by far) ohm range chosen for replacement coils by consumers. It is, for many, the “sweet spot” the default ohm that causes the least amount of problems with the most average vape.

The actual differences

Lower Ohm coils:

Creates more heat at the coil which in turn can create more vapor

Provides warmer vapor

Will drain the battery faster

May cause dry hits (burning)

May cause premature battery failure

Uses more liquid

Standard or “higher” Ohm coils:

Creates less heat at the coil which can create “less” vapor.

Provides cooler vapor

Will drain the battery slower

Uses less eliquid

So based on this list it would seem that both have their pro’s and con’s and that’s very true!

What is considered low and standard/high ohms?

Generally speaking a Low ohm coil is between 1.5-1.8ohms and a standard ohm coil is generally between 2.4-2.8 and high ohm is anything 3.0 ohms or higher.  There are coils that go higher and lower than these ratings but because they are specialized, we do not need to cover them.

What ohms can I use on my standard eGo battery?

A standard ego is generally between 3.3 and 3.7 volts, if you have a standard battery you can use any ohm between 1.8 and 2.8ohms without worry.  It will work and perform fine.  Other ohms, whether higher or lower, will require a specialized battery or mod, stay away from higher and lower range ohms until you know what you are doing. A lower ohm that 1.8 can damage your battery and a higher ohm can producing less than desirable reults.

The Dangers of low ohms.

As you can see above, the low ohm seems to produce more vapor, so that’s best right?

Not always, vapor volume does not always equal best vape. The issue with low ohms is they create a higher heat on the coil, in turn this vaporizes more e-liquid and produces more vapor but the drawback is that this stresses not only the battery but the coil, resulting is a shorter life for the coil, more liquid being used and a shorter battery life (both in charge and in overall life).

Depending on your liquid (if it’s thick) a low ohm can burn out and die really quickly if the liquid is not flowing to the coil, this is because a wick and coil need liquid to atomize, if there is no liquid, the wick gets burned, the coil gets stressed and the coil can die prematurely.

Now that sounds bad bad.. But not really.

So you have to change the coils out quicker,  you have to order more liquid, you might have a battery die sooner.  Is it really that big of a concern?  Not if you like the vapor it produces.  The entire point of vaping is to remove yourself from the analogs and the best way to do that is to find something you like that will keep you off analogs for good.  If you like the warmer vape and more vapor, stick with the lower ohms.

Ok, so that means standard ohms are not as good right?

No, who said that? He needs to be gagged!

A standard or higher ohm gives a different vape, that is all, not all of us like the warmer and harsher vape of a low ohm and that’s where the beauty of choice comes in.  I mentioned before I use pretty much 2.4-2.6ohms for myself and I will stick to that.  I dislike the warmer vape and I don’t care to have a smoke stack type of vape plume coming out of my mouth.  To me lower ohm is a harsher vape and I end up tasting “burnt” flavors.  But You may LOVE it.

There are no “damaging” drawbacks for standard/higher ohms, they will not stress the battery, will not burn out a coil (usually) and will not harm the battery, but it isn’t as intense a vape (and in many cases this is a good thing).. it’s a tradeoff like most things in life.

How do they affect flavor?

Good question, the lower ohms generally (but not always) produces a more intense vape, and this does not mean “more flavor”, but this also has a lot to do with the liquid and the manufacturer, not just the ohms.  To me, standard ohms produce better flavor because it doesn’t burn as hot, but I will have a virtual riot on my hands if I said that it was an absolute. There are just as many people who say the opposite.  Vaping truly is subjective.

How about Voltage, how does that affect the ohms?

Because I wrote this article to familiarize people with the basics of ohms, we cannot get fully into voltages and ohms and how they work together, but I do have a section on it here titled How to determine what resistance for what battery. And also a Understanding Resistances here. Check those out for more detailed information on matching up voltage to ohms.

Ultra High and Ultra low ohms

As with everything, there are extremes on ohms and coils.  We have the ultra low crowd who swear that lower ohms 1.0-1.4 are best and those who say using a high ohm coil with the voltage cranked produces the best vape.  My advice, because you are on this page and I have to assume you are relatively new, is to stay away from very high or very low ohms for now. Very low ohms are dangerous for standard ego batteries and ultra high will not perfrom well.  Ultra low and high ohms are for specialized devices and mods, not for the new or average user.  If you are interested in learning more about these types of coils, your best bet is to ease into it and familiarize ytourself with any potential dangers.

How long with my clearomizer or coil head last?

How long with my clearomizer or coil head last?

We get many questions about which coil head and atomizer lasts the longest, but it’s not really about the individual coil head. Some coils will last longer than others but there is no way for anyone to pinpoint which one would last longer, for you.

In general a coil head or clearomizer can last anwhere from 3 to 14 days.

A coil can have a short life or “die” for many reasons:

1. Votage used. If you use too high a voltage for the ohms of your coil you can burn it out, weaken the coil, burn the wick and cause it to die rather rapidly (sometimes instantly) Excess voltage will burn the enclosed wick on your coil, this causes excess heat build up because the coil can not get saturated with e-liquid and the heat is not dissapated and the coil “pops”

2. Chain vaping. Even if you are using the proper voltage, chain vaping (not taking time between vapes) can cause the coil to over heat, burn the wick and kill the coil.

3. Carmelization. Build up on wick is the most common issue in longevity. If you have a sugary liquid with sweetners in it, or a tobacco based liquid the sugars will carmelize when they encounter excess heat (the coil) these sugars are deposited on the wick and the coil building up, “gunk” stopping the wick process, ruining the flavor and the coil.

4. Liquid viscosity

If you are using a liquid with a high VG ratio the thicker liquid can impeed flow to the coil, causing the coil to heat up and prematurely die.

No matter how well you take care of a coil, clean it, avoid chain vape and use the right voltage, it will eventually die out and need to be replaced. If you find your coils not lasting very long it is generally something from the list above or a combination.

If you find yourself constantly changing coils, you might simply want to lower your voltages, increase the ohms of your clearomizer or coils or switch clearomizer type.

However, simply changing clearomizers isn’t always the solution, sometimes it is but more often than not if you are experiencing short coil life it is something from the list.

In addition, coils are not all the same, sometimes wicks are different, coils are different, you will need to experiment to get the best clearomizer or coil for you.

Why does my atomizer gurgle leak?

Bottom Coil Clear Atomizers leaking?

If your bottom coil is gurgling then it would the same as above there might be liquid in the center tube or seeping into the center tube, use the same blow out procedure to clear it.

If your bottom coil clear atomizer is leaking then there are a few things to check:

1. The base and coil are on nice and tight and straight.  In some cases a coil can go on slightly crooked, this can cause it to leak, remove the coil, twist it on, it should take barely any effort to get a coil on a base.

2. Check to make sure the O ring seals are good (see pics below)

3. Next make sure the base is on properly and there is no gap between the base edge and the clear atomizer.

Images (not all bottom coils are the same but these are images of what you should look for.

1. Check the coil Orings

Why does my clearomizer leak?
Why does my clearomizer leak?

2. Check the coil is tight and properly on the base

Why does my clearomizer leak?
Why does my clearomizer leak?

3. Check the base orings

Why does my clearomizer leak?
Why does my clearomizer leak?

4. Check BOTH orings

Why does my clearomizer leak?
Why does my clearomizer leak?

5. Make sure it is tight to the clear atomizer, no gaps.

Why does my clearomizer leak?
Why does my clearomizer leak?

One last thing, keep in mind though that this kind of problem can always be caused by shoddy design and workmanship on the clear Atomizer itself or a torn or cut sheath, it’s not always going to be your fault. Sometimes you just get a bad one 🙁

However due to the ease at which someone can ruin an O ring by over tightening, not putting a coil on properly they are not warranteed for this, we generally carry bases for bad seals and O rings for purchasing when it happens.

If your clear atomizers worked initially and now it’s leaking, it’s most likely a seal or simply a bad coil.

In some rare cases leaking can actually be caused by the eGo battery connection or even your liquid choice!

Because different manufacturers have different tolerances there could be as much as 1mm difference between your battery threding and the clear atomizer you have purchased.  This extra space can push UP the coil or center pin of your clear atomizer causing just enough room to start leaking.  Check this by screwing your clear atomizer on your battery and then backing off a half a turn. In some cases this can stop leaking immediately.

In more rare cases the liquid and voltage/ohms you are using can be a factor due to excess heat and or how the liquid reacts to heat, getting thinner thus allowing leaking where there might not have been any before. If you want to test your clear atomizer/e-juice for this stop vaping, clean the clear atomizer and connection and then take one vape and leaving it for 30 seconds and repeat for a while, if it has stopped leaking, it is your voltage/ohms and or e-liquid combination.