How to measure the bottle and customize your shrink film size?

Needed tools:

1) 1pc bottle

2) 1pc Vernier caliper

  1. Measuring the diameter of the bottle and send it to us. Please measure the maximum diameter of this bottle or Cap.
custorm your shink film

2. Measuring the height of the bottle to shrink and send it to us.

shrink wrap film kkemc

Please note that if your cap is sharp, please do not measure the total height of the bottle,  please check the following picture.

Sealing Height: 65mm

Deametre: 30mm

shrink wraps

The height of the film is more than the shrinkage height 4-5 mm. So the Film height is 69mm or 70mm,  

The perimeter of the bottle is 47.1mm(3.14*30mm=47.1mm), the film perimeter more than the bottle perimeter 2-3mm. so the film width is 49mm or 50mm.

Gorilla shrink wraps

Please send the diameter and the sealing Height to us, then we can custorm shrink film for you.


Please choose the following tools if you don’t have vernier caliper.

1) 1pc bottle

2) 1pc straightedge

3) 1pc 20cm rope

PVC shrink wrap
  1. Measure the perimeter of the bottle with a rope, then send the perimeter to us.
shrinkable wrap

2. Measure the sealing height of the bottle with a straightedge.

shrink wrapper


Please send the perimeter and the sealing Height to us, then we can custorm shrink warp for you.


Any question please contact us.