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808D battery is the earliest and has been the most widely used electronic cigarette battery, its slender body, and the thickness of traditional cigarettes is similar, after all, It is the earliest electronic cigarette batteries, so it is shape, size, outlook is similar to traditional cigarette. It is precisely for the reason that the electronic cigarettes into the market at an early stage was quickly accepted by the market and users, which also laid the foundation for the subsequent development of the electronic cigarette industry.

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From the figure, we can see that the 808D battery itself is small, easy to carry, and the structural function is very different from the electronic cigarette battery on the market. Currently, the electronic cigarette battery on the market is in addition to the power supply, in the battery capacity, power, shape, Structures, including threads, have been improved in various ways, adding a lot of popular elements, as well as practical features, the appearance becomes more and more fashion, battery capacity , battery power and battery life has been greatly improved, and many electronic cigarette batteries have a button and a display. The button can be turned on or off with a press or long press, and adjust the power. If you already filled the E-liquid in the ecig, When the button is pressed, the atomizer starts to generate heat. At this point you can enjoy the vapor. The monitor can display the remaining battery and power. greatly enhancing the user’s battery experience.


Maybe everyone will think that the 808D battery has been completely replaced and withdrawn from the market. However, in the current market, the 808D battery is still used by some users. To a large extent, the 808D battery is compact, lightweight, minimalistic, and feels the same as traditional cigarettes. and it also could match different styles 808D Atomizer, It’s the reason why the 808D battery is still popular.


In addition, the 808D battery also has some minor improvements, such as LED indications, working status and charging status display different colors, normal status and smoking protection status display different colors, battery capacity increase, color diversification, material improvement, etc.
Maybe the seller of 808D battery will be less and less, and it will gradually disappear into people’s eyes, but what I want to say is: 808D battery has been put on the market since the beginning, I started selling online till now, accepting , to be popular  then to the recession, maybe one day will be completely replaced, but I will definitely sell until that day, until no one is willing to buy 808D battery.

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Silicone storage container food grade silicone wax jars for Dab tools | KKEMC.COM


Silicone Dab kit for wax storage container

Name : Silicone dab kit
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 98mm*62mm*22mm
Incluede: 2 * 5ml wax jars, 71mm carving tool, thin can carrying case
Product description
Safe and non-toxic, Made of 100% food-grade silicone
Freezer,Heat,Shatter Resistant,Temperature Range: -40°C to + 230 °C
light weight and portable, easy to store and transport.
Color:Random Mix


Non-stick Silicone wax jars

Name : Non-Stick Silicone Wax Jars
Color : Mixed Color
Capacity : 5ml
Weight :0.025kg
Size : 32mm*20mm
Material : Food Grade Silicone
For : Wax Container

1)Tasteless ,non-corrosive,environmental and scientific.
2)Flexible, lightweight and portable, easy to store and transport.
3)Food grade silicone, safe and secure
4) OEM service available.

honeybee hexagon Silicone storage Container Jars

Name : Honeybee hexagon Silicone storage Container Wax Jars
Color : Mixed colors
Weight : 38g
Capacity : 26ml
Size : 57*30(mm)
Material : Food grade silicone
For : Wax container

1.100% Food Grade Silicone with FDA & LFGB Approved
2. Temperature: -40~230 Centigrade
3. Safe For Dishware, Microware, Oven, Freezer, Easy To Clean and Remove
4. No Abnormal Odour or Staining
5. Eco-Friendly, Softness, Non-stick Finish
6. Flexible, Lightweight and Portable, Easy to Store and Carry
7. Colorful Wax Storage Containers Durable, Long Life Time Gentcy Silicone Container Made With High Quality

Link : https://www.kkemc.com/wax-tools-dabber-tools_137

E-cigarette Tips — Try not to let smoke of e-juice through your nose when using e-cigarettes | KKEMC.COM

It is well known that the use of electronic cigarettes is a good way to replace traditional cigarettes.

About 2.6 million people in the United Kingdom use e-cigarettes. So e-juice or e-liquid is necessary for e-cigarette. However, with the advent of new technologies, a series of problems that users did not know have followed.

Whether you use traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes, many users are accustomed to using the nose to feel the taste of the smoke, but do you know that the use of nasal gas inhalation will actually cause some internal damage to the nasal cavity?

E-cigarette Tips — Try not to let smoke of e-juice through your nose when using e-cigarettes

Wait, what will happen to the nose?

Many e-cigarette users claim that when using e-cigarettes, the skin inside their nasal cavity will be very dry, and even in some cases, epistaxis may occur.

The main reason for this is that the e-liquid contains propylene glycol, which is also known as PG. Propylene glycol is a dehydrating chemical that can dilute the moisture of sensitive skin in the nasal cavity.

Is smoke of e-juice damage permanent?

No research has yet been conducted to show that e-cigarettes cause permanent damage to the player’s nasal cavity.

Professor Kumar, Honorary Secretary of the British ENT Department, said: “The current danger of e-cigarettes is not yet completely determined, but it is not as we initially imagined. It is not completely harmless, e-cigarettes Some of the chemical ingredients do harm the nasal cavity.”

However, it has not been confirmed whether it will cause permanent damage to the nasal cavity. Most of these symptoms will disappear in a few weeks.

E-cigarette Tips — Try not to let smoke of e-juice through your nose when using e-cigarettes

What should we do?

Professor John Britton, epidemiology director of research at the British Tobacco Alcohol Center, gave us some advice: “With your mouth sucking, propylene glycol does cause airway dryness and produces some slight irritation.”

If possible, it is best to take some breaks after using an e-cigarette, drink water to supplement the disappearing moisture, and also apply a small amount of petroleum jelly in the nasal cavity to soothe dryness.

What if the situation does not improve?

The best way is to receive a doctor’s professional diagnosis, they will fully examine your specific situation and give you professional solutions.

Should I give up using electronic cigarettes?

If you are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and it does have some success, then you have absolutely no need to give up e-cigarettes.

At present, people cannot determine the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes, but most of the evidence shows that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes (although e-cigarettes still have some detrimental effects).

The advantages of electronic cigarette and How to choose the right e-liquid | e-juice | KKECM.COM

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    With the development of science and technology, people’s smoking patterns have also changed. Traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco are gradually replaced by electronic cigarettes.

    Why e-cigarette become popular for the following reasons:

1) E-cigarettes are much less harmful to the human body than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarette smoking is more conducive to health.

2) Various flavors could choose, fruit flavors are very popular, very popular with smokers, sweet fruit flavors will not be resented by others, especially his wife, will not quarrel due to this, and there is no secondary hazards.

3) There is no need to worry about the fact that the ash is full of houses. It is not necessary to increase the burden on the wife to clean the house, which is to a certain extent conducive to family harmony.

4) The volume is usually small, easy to carry and will not cause air pollution.

5) Can be drawn at any time, do not have to worry about the the traditional cigarette, after a little while will be completely self-ignition exhausted.

6) Even becoming popular with women because of the sweet fruit flavors.

How to choose the right e-liquid | e-juice ?

With different brans and various flavors, it may be difficult for new users to choose.

1) choose the flavor you will like.

The common e-juice flavors are No flavor, Tobacco, Fruit flavor, Candy flavor, Menthol (mint), Drink flavor.

2) choose the suitable base for you. how many VG and how many PG

The respective advantages and disadvantages of VG and PG

VG advantages

a, large smoke

b, healthy, less allergic reactions

c, natural sweetness

d, throat comfort

VG Shortcomings

a, the E-juice is thick, not easy to guide oil through atomizer.

b, poor throat feel

c, sweetness may cover the aroma

d, there is dry mouth and accumulation

PG advantages

a, easy to mix

b, hit a strong sense of the throat

c, smoke oil is good

PG Shortcomings

a. Although the FDA deems it safe, it has an adverse reaction report

b. Smoke oil needs sweetener to increase sweetness

What is VG and PG ?

VG is an abbreviation of English vegetable glycerine. Since VG is extracted from plants, many users of electronic cigarettes think that VG is healthier. The VG traits are viscous and have a large specific gravity and therefore produce large smoke. People who like VG feel that VG is comfortable and some people do not feel it. VG produces less irritations and sensitization than PG, but some users say that it causes phlegm in the scorpion. VG is naturally sweet, and some users think it is so good that there is no need to add sweeteners to sweet flavored cigarette oil. The sweetness of VG is not from the sweetener or sugar in the flavor, but rather the taste of VG itself, which is better. However, some users feel that VG’s sweetness is too high, overshadowed by the taste of smoke oil itself. PG is an abbreviation for English propylene glycol. PG is manufactured through the hydration of propylene oxide. PG is much rarer than VG and produces much less smoke. But PG has a strong throat sensation, and many users like it. PG has been recognized by the FDA as a safe food additive. However, from the reaction of e-cigarette users, some users experienced allergies and other adverse reactions after using PG-containing cigarette oil. Allergies are large or small, light or uncomfortable throat, severe systemic itching, and accompanied by dizziness, nausea. If an allergic reaction occurs, these people choose to use VG’s oil.

3) choose the nicotine content depend on your vape( Important ! )

Nicotine may caused human’s dependence, that is, addiction, of course, a lot of inhalation poisoning,The right amount of nicotine is not poisoned and will make the smoker feel relaxed. Because the small e-cigarette has a smaller atomizer and less evaporation, the amount of nicotine inhaled per mouth is correspondingly smaller. This requires more nicotine content to have a feeling of smoke. If the e-liquid has a low nicotine content, no smoking taste can be extracted. However, it does not affect the fruit flavor or other flavors of e-liquid oil. On the contrary, larger e-cigarettes have larger atomizers that evaporate larger, smaller nicotine content can be used, and if nicotine content is large, smokers may not be able to tolerate it. The common nicotine content is 0 mg (none), 3 mg (low), 6 mg (middle), 11 mg (higher), 18 mg (high), 24 mg (Especially high).

With the above introduction, I believe you must know how to choose.

Thank you for watching.

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Transformers Series E-juice 60ml bottle Fruit Flavor E-juice for E-cigarette Atomizer

auther:   kkemc.com

Introduction of Transformers Series Fruit Flavor E-juice

Five brothers , five different flavor. Fashion, bright packaging,

vibrant, you must be like to know what their flavor is.

 Bumblebee E-juice

Capacity: 60ML

Weight: 80g

Nicotine: 3mg

E-liquid Base: 70VG/30PG

Bright yellow packaging, using the now popular fruit flavor, the professional team carefully and carefully developed into the market soon after it is accepted by everyone, the flavor deeply loved by everyone.

From the mixed fruit taste of South American Barbados, Thomson grapefruit and Southeast Asian Thai lemon tea,Fresh and smooth taste.

  Optimus Prime Green Apple Flavor E-juice

Type:        E-juice / E-liquid

Flavor:      Green Apple Flavor

Capacity:  60ML

Weight:     80g

Nicotine:   3mg

E-liquid Base:  70VG/30PG

Squeaky green apple flavor, think about it makes people drooling, this is my favorite flavor, so I will often use this e-juice, I am a person who likes the taste of green apple, and even juice, I Will give priority to the flavor of green apple, of course, the fresh green apple of the season is my favorite.

The proper coolness of inhalation is accompanied by the sweet and sour flavor of the flesh, and the strong green apple aroma when exhaled explodes.Inspire your taste buds in your mouth.

  StarScream Mixed Fruit Flavor E-juice

Type:        E-juice / E-liquid

Flavor:      strawberry and kiwi

Capacity:  60ML

Weight:     80g

Nicotine:   3mg

E-liquid Base:  70VG/30PG

Strawberry is also a popular fruit, especially female, so this taste is not easy to provoke women hate, so if your wife can not stand the taste of other smoke, you can try this strawberry flavored ejuice

The combination of strawberry and kiwi, sweet and sour moderate, you will love it.Inspire your taste buds in your mouth.

Hound Mint Flavor E-juice oil

Type:        E-juice / E-liquid

Flavor:      Mint flavor

Capacity:  60ML

Weight:     80g

Nicotine:   3mg

E-liquid Base:  70VG/30PG

This one is a kind of cool herb. It is the main recognition of mint on the market. It can refresh the tone and make the throat feel better. This is definitely a different experience.

Pure mint chewing gum aroma, cool and sweet, fresh and refreshing
Inspire your taste buds in your mouth.

 Megatron Coffee Flavor E-juice

Type:        E-juice / E-liquid

Flavor:      Irish coffee + French muffins + cognac

Capacity:  60ML

Weight:     80g

Nicotine:   3mg

E-liquid Base:  70VG/30PG

You must be surprised by this last product. He tastes like a popular food.

rich Irish coffee, accompanied by French muffins, revealing the aroma of tiramisu, mixed with cognac,a rich winter ration.

Introduced here, our Transformers series of cigarette oil is over.
First of all thank you for your viewing and welcome you to visit our website for spending.

FINALLY Shrink Bands that fit and work at KKEMC.com

After DIY’ing for a while and introducing friends to some of the mixes, orders started rolling in. Started out with crude labels as it was just about the j00ce. :slight_smile: Time moved on, wanted to at least get something decent looking, got a nice wirelss label printer with rolls of tape, basic labels, off to the races. I wanted to be able to put shrink bands on my 10, 15, 30, and 50ml plastic bottles just to step it up a bit. Had no idea how hard it was going to be. Purchased more than a few off of Amazon, and all had about the same problem. They always deformed (you’ll see in the pictures), and just didn’t work. Sure, they shrank, but didn’t look good, and some just looked terrible. After more purchases than I’ll admit, made one final order from Amazon and they WORKED, and I noticed something. ALL of my previous (fail) purchases were all a BLUE-ish tint. On the order that worked, they had a YELLOW tint. Wait a minute, really ???


I tried and wasted tons of the BLUE ones on plastic bottles (numerous sizes), glass bottles, didn’t matter what I tried OR what size, same fails. Tried the YELLOW ones and they worked every time. Hair dryer is o.k. but you just really need a heat gun for fast, easy, consistent results, which I do have. No clue how I would ever find the YELLOW ones again. MUCH frustration, searching ensued. Randomly stumbled across a YouTube vid showing ??? YELLOW bands in MANY sizes !!! Yes, they DID work in the video, and I needed them. Went to the companies site (in China) https://www.kkemc.com/heat-shrink-wraps-for-30ml-eliquidejuice-needle-dropper-bottles-cheaper-shrink-wrap-film-free-shipping200pcslot_g29.html 9 and bought every size available. Had some hesitation ordering direct from an unknown company direct from China, but how could it get any worse. Much to my surprise “ePacket” got it to me in the states from China in about 8 days. You gotta be kidding me. Tried all sizes, multiple times before declaring victory, and I have.

They have sizes for 10, 15, 30, and 50ml bottles, and I’ve tested on glass/dropper bottles, and my normal plastic w./ childproof caps and they just won’t fail. They are perforated for easy tear off’s as well. I’m sure you COULD wreck them with too much heat, or incorrect installation, but I haven’t been able to make one fail. Slide on the bottle, turn on heat gun, spin the bottles as it’s heating, DONE.

It may seem trivial, but it adds a cheap, nice touch to the bottles, gives new customers piece of mind. Just remember Blue = Bad, Yellow = Good !!!

Two thumbs up for http://www.KKEMC.com 5 for a product that works, very cheap, and strangely fast shipping from China thanks to ePacket 1

Thanks for SessionDrummer