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        Today, I am going to tell you about the help of e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Many people do not believe in the facts of e-smoking. They think that e-cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes. Is this really the case? In fact, e-cigarettes do not contain tar, aerosols and other harmful substances in cigarettes. Ingredients, manufacturers also believe that e-cigarettes do not have diffuse or lingering second-hand smoke. In general, e-cigarettes have some help in quitting smoking. Is there any harm to e-cigarettes? It is healthier than cigarettes!

        I remember that I was only 12 years old that year, just rose to junior high school, and the second disease has already begun to show signs. Looking at the seniors who are holding cigarettes and swallowing clouds and screaming at friends, they feel particularly handsome and unconsciously infected with smoking. In the blink of an eye, there have been more than 30 this year, and the calculation of the age of tobacco has been 20 years. Usually, it is basically a pack a day, and the thunder is not moving. The smoke is also the Suyan and Zhongnanhai. This amount may not be smoked in many old smokers, but the amount accumulated in 20 years is not a decimal. After leaving the campus to participate in work, there is basically no exercise, and the body has clearly felt the impact of smoking for many years. I try to quit smoking, but I ended up failing. Even if I can reduce the smoke for a while, I can feel a certain refreshing change in my body. Finally, once I get busy, I still can’t help myself. Last year, I learned that the effect of promoting smoking cessation therapy abroad is quite remarkable. I also began to pay attention to this aspect of the product, so I got to know the e-cigarette.

        At the beginning, I was fainted by a large number of online comment articles. Both domestic and foreign manufacturers said that e-cigarettes are healthier, but some articles may say that e-cigarettes are more harmful. After searching some news from abroad and some news from China, I have roughly sorted out the problem. The key is to start with the most important part : e-liquid

        The formula of e-liquid is actually very simple: basically nicotine (with or without nicotine), propylene glycol or plant glycerin or both as a solvent, water (auxiliary solvent), spices (used to give you a variety of flavors) .

        1. Nicotine: It is generally believed that nicotine is mainly addictive and has no harm, but it is also said that nicotine also has health [risk]. The nicotine content of paper cigarettes is usually 6 mg; e-cigarettes can be selected according to their own choice of 0 mg (completely no), 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. Personally recommend 3mg, smoke addiction, long smoke may not feel enough 6mg. Individuals do not recommend 12mg, because I still locate the electronic cigarette on [control smoking, assist smoking cessation], do not smoking more if not necessary.

        2. Tobacco tar: Paper cigarettes vary according to different varieties, but e-cigarettes are zero. Tobacco tar is generally considered to be a major health hazard, so this alone is much less important than paper cigarettes in terms of health hazards.

        3. Propylene glycol: no paper smoke. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) believes that the toxicity is low (equivalent to salt), but low temperature heating, even incomplete combustion, may produce toxic aldehyde compounds, but there is no specific data and analysis (so I have repeatedly Emphasize that you want to be formal). In addition, I have seen reports of inflammatory effects on the lungs and trachea within minutes of propylene glycol inhalation.

        4. Other cigarette smoke hazards: Various metal particles, chemicals, dust, etc. produced by combustion, and electronic cigarettes are basically absent.

        5. Risks of other e-cigarettes: Glycerin and spices are edible (regularly), but whether they are still safe after being heated and atomized into the lungs is still a lack of data and authority. So I think it is still possible to have risks.

        In summary, I think that [regular] e-cigarettes should be safe and harmless, and may be too optimistic, but the risk should be much smaller than paper cigarettes.

        To figure out the risks, individuals feel that using e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes or assisting in quitting smoking is more profitable than risk. I also said earlier that although I am a bit old, but the amount is not much every day, so I directly choose 3mg of smoke oil to start. My plan is to completely get rid of cigarettes after changing the electronic cigarette. But for me this process took a long time. On the one hand, there are more friends who smoke in the surrounding environment. When you smoke together, you lose weight with your friends. (I like to take the opportunity to smoke outside the building to breathe, see the sun and green trees, so I still Help smokers mix together). On the other hand, it is too old and old, and the smog is more stubborn.

        I started to use e-cigarettes in early July last year. I remember that I didn’t smoke a cigarette in the first five days. I only smoked e-cigarettes. The habit of smoking was so bad that the benefits were obvious: the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis were basically gone in the morning, and occasionally I did some physical work. The lungs did not breathe so much. However, it is still not recommended to be so determined from the beginning, and the addiction will still affect the work. At that time, the plan was to halve the amount of cigarettes per day and then gradually reduce them. Persistence to January this year can basically be considered to completely get rid of cigarettes. It took half a year. In fact, there is occasional suction, especially when smoking with smokers and colleagues (when I have a headache, I want to smoke more). However, the total is about one or two in a few days, I think this amount will not be addictive. If I can get rid of the smokers’ circle by changing the e-cigarette, I think it will be much smoother. To sum up the experience, the key is to know how to reject the cigarettes handed over by others, and the chances of smoking will be much less.

        Then, now, replaced with 0mg smoke oil, this change has gone through a few days of addiction, in the past few days, looking for smokers and friends to smoke a few cigarettes to solve the addiction (about one in these days) A cigarette in two days), stabilized in less than a week. Now the rest should only have the habit of smoking. After two months, I plan to use chewing gum to try to quit this habit (don’t use snacks, don’t quit smoking but eat a fat man).

        Summarize my experience of using electronic smoking cessation, the most obvious feeling is that the body is much better, the chronic diseases of the throat are completely gone, the respiratory function is gradually normal, and you can jog for half an hour without taking a breath, your heart rate is not going. After testing, I think it should have improved a lot. If you use e-cigarettes in the first place with the idea of ​​fast smoking cessation, it is unrealistic. E-cigarettes should be positioned to assist smoking cessation and reduce the amount of smoking. If friends want to quit smoking and can’t find a way, try my electronic smoking cessation method.


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Eleaf iCare 2 E-cigarette Kit | KKEMC.COM

The product we introduced today is still a small, lightweight and easy to carry series of electronic cigarettes, his name is eleaf icare 2.
iCare 2 description
The iCare 2 is made of rubber lacquer and is exquisitely crafted to give you a more comfortable, softer and more delicate feel. Featuring a detachable 2ml cartridge and a built-in 650mAh battery, the iCare 2 is another ultra-flat small electronic cigarette starter kit.

Simply reinstall the mouthpiece to easily refill the tank. To turn it on, you can instantly generate steam with the push of a button. Intuitive four-color LEDs make it easy to check battery status. By using a higher-intensity electronic fluid, the iCare 2 and its new IC 1.3ohm Head perfectly reproduce the feeling you are used to.

Ultra-compact, portable
The iCare 2 has an ultra-compact size that is essential for moving vapers or just looking for backups.
The iCare 2 features a new IC 1.3 ohm head for excellent MTL fogging.

Easy to use
To activate the device, steam can be generated immediately at the push of a button.

Intuitive four-color LED indicates battery power
Simply look at the color of the LEDs and you can easily check the battery level during vaping.

Convenient top fill solution

To fill the tank, simply remove the mouthpiece and fill it with e-liquid through the side fill holes. (Note: please do not fill in the center hole)

Side USB port for easy charging
Simply plug the iCare 2 into your computer or wall adapter through the side USB port to charge it.


Development track of electronic cigarettes, how much do you know? | KKEMC.COM

        From the invention to the 15 years of today, the electronic cigarette has changed the products of the 7th generation in total. Today, we will talk about the development track of electronic cigarettes.

First generation of electronic cigarette
generation of e-cigarettes or the first e-cigarette products can be said that China’s Han Li was invented around 2000. The generation of e-cigarettes as a compact and convenient alternative to cigarettes was unique at the time, and later manufacturers basically The product serves as a prototype. The first generation of electronic cigarettes has an electronic controller that is separate from the battery. It controls the 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery to discharge current. It uses a three-stage structure of batteries, atomizers and cartridges. The battery controller limits the voltage to 4.2v through the micro board and outputs a voltage of 3.3v. After that, Han Li created a generation of products produced by the company.

Fisrt generation of electronic cigarettes
In the early days, there was not only one patent related to e-cigarettes, but they did not achieve commercial success, but the e-cigarette products invented by Han Li were successful because when Hanli invented e-cigarettes, it was exactly what consumers were thinking about. To find a healthier alternative to cigarettes, using a lithium battery controller to generate smoke is the first time people have seen it.

Second generation electronic cigarettes
With the continuous improvement of electronic cigarette equipment, the second generation of electronic cigarette products has gradually emerged. First generation of e-cigarettes is not very good to use because of battery power and voltage limitations. The smoke of a generation of e-cigarettes can only satisfy the people with less smoke addiction. The early second-generation e-cigarette model included a 14500 lithium battery case (for example: the Nicostick, an early e-cigarette prototype that was first discussed at a foreign e-cigarette forum in 2009, with a battery case on the e-cigarette). A copper tube with a two-head battery (the early prototype product had the copper).

         The first commercial-generation second-generation e-cigarette prototype was the Screwdriver made by Tog in the UK. The most typical feature of this prototype is that it has a larger RC123a lithium battery that is more stable for longer use after each charge. Trog used a resistor to reduce the battery voltage to 5v. The prototype was considered as the template for the other products at the time, but because the small-scale e-cigarette consumers at that time did not realize the existence of the product, the commercial achievement was achieved. Very limited.

  Mechanical electronic cigarette

Early products were mechanical, meaning there was no electronic control circuitry, and there was usually a spring-loaded control switch at the bottom of the tobacco rod. Some products have a voltage of 6v, they connect two lithium batteries in series, and two lithium batteries are connected in series to reach a voltage of 8.4v. This requires manual adjustment of the voltage, and improper control can result in a nebulizer voltage overload. These products are inherently very dangerous, and because the battery can be short-circuited, the atomizer instantly heats up in the semi-sealed metal pipe, eventually causing an explosion. There have been many reports of the second-generation e-cigarette explosion. There are already 15 known cases, and some people have entered the hospital, some of which are facial injuries. These problems are actually caused by the inherent defects of the preheating instability of the lithium battery and the unreasonable design of the metal tube flue gas in and out. finally
With the use of IMR lithium manganate batteries and consumers gradually turning to regulated electronic cigarettes, the end of the exploration of metal rod electronic cigarettes.

        The basic second-generation e-cigarette products are a hot topic in the early online e-cigarette community. Many people put forward the best performance configuration in the whole year of 2009. In 2010, the third generation e-cigarette 5v pressure regulating box e-cigarettes joined. Competition, at this time has been a great improvement over the early 3.7v electronic cigarette.
E-cigarette evolution history

EGO’s medium size electronic cigarette

It is also possible to count medium-sized electronic cigarettes as second-generation electronic cigarettes. EGO electronic cigarettes have the same structure as a generation of electronic cigarettes, but they have larger sizes. Janty invented the design of EGO but forgot to apply for a patent, and then it was widely plagiarized and is now a mainstream reference for e-cigarettes. EGO’s 650mAh battery size e-cigarette is the object of many companies. EGO is also available in 900mAh, 1,000mAh and 1,300mAh versions. Like The Tornado, Riva, kGo, etc. are basically the same replica of EGO. The e-cigarette industry is actually based on constant imitation. The reason for this situation is that people did not realize the value of their own design and neglected to apply for patents, or some of them were not sufficiently regulated.

        The second generation of electronic cigarette holders combines the cartridge and the atomizer into one.

Third generation of electronic cigarettes
he third generation of electronic cigarettes is a true electronic adjustment device, with great progress. E-cigarettes from the beginning of a plastic box with two lithium batteries, gradually turned into a box style, in the three generations of electronic cigarette battery box, there are still two lithium batteries, usually 7.4v can reach up to 8.4v, but An electronic voltage regulator controller is installed to stabilize the battery output voltage control at 5V. The three generations of electronic cigarettes also have a 5v output voltage, using lithium batteries, and charging three advantages, reaching the ultimate goal of battery discussion on the network. The 5v battery-box e-cigarette dominates the market in 2010 and can satisfy the vast majority of consumers. It can even be said that its experience is three times that of a generation of e-cigarettes. Although the three generations of products do not need to change the different cartridges, no one cares, because the suction experience is already very good.

        Three generations of electronic cigarettes use a cigarette holder that can be repeatedly added with smoke oil.

Fourth generation of electronic cigarettes
The electronic pressure regulating box has led the trend of the fourth generation of electronic cigarettes, which was produced in the research and development laboratory of the Electronic Cigarette Forum. ECF’s four-generation e-cigarettes initially allow users to adjust the voltage from 3.3v to 6v, but still use the potentiometer buttons to provide external voltage control like the second generation, or use a screwdriver to adjust the voltage. At the beginning, the four generations of e-cigarettes did not have a display screen. Everyone had to guess how much voltage was adjusted. Later, a display like a very original electronic watch was added. Although very rough at first, the flexibility of the four generations at that time made everyone very surprised. Nowadays, the pressure-regulating device has a voltage-regulating button, which can be adjusted to a voltage of 0.1V on the display.
E-cigarette evolution history

Electronic pressure regulator

Obviously, but the term prototype is no longer applicable at this stage, because you are already buying a product that costs almost $250 and is equipped with a format controller and LED display. Some vendors have begun to use electronic cigarettes (APV: advanced personal vapouriser) to refer to e-cigarettes, which is still the case. Now we refer to e-cigarette equipment, which refers to replaceable batteries and various components.

Fifth generation of electronic cigarettes
The fifth generation of electronic cigarettes is a voltage-increasing box type device. The voltage regulator can generate the voltage used by any atomizer, and is not limited by the battery voltage. Even a lithium battery can be used to adjust any voltage required. . If the required voltage is less than the battery voltage, the voltage regulator can suppress the voltage. If the required voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the voltage regulator can also increase the voltage. Five generations of electronic cigarettes can control the output voltage of a 3.7v lithium battery to a range of 3.3v to 6v. Of course, the amplification voltage comes at a price and requires a power amplifier to achieve. So there are 4 to 5 amplifiers in the single-cell battery regulator to generate 4.5 to 5.5. This means that the battery needs better quality. The IMR lithium manganese oxide battery has been proven to be the most cost-effective battery. There is no problem with a 18650-size IMR battery using 10 power amplifiers.

        Sixth generations of electronic cigarettes
The sixth generation of electronic cigarettes is marked with adjustable output power, which means that the wattage of the atomizer output can be adjusted. In the case of the same output power, no matter what kind of atomizer is used, the amount of smoke generated is basically There is no difference. Power control e-cigarettes have been very expensive when they first appeared. Like Evolv’s Darwin series, it is also the first six-generation commercial e-cigarette product, but the price and product size are constantly decreasing. Now the power control box is already a E-cigarette equipment that is much cheaper than the original. Now the sixth generation of e-cigarettes is a more advanced mass equipment, but the Darwin series of products will sell for a few hundred dollars at that time, but at that time the price was set to be lower, this product sold thousands of because of the addition The cost of repairs that the company invested in later became a loss-making business. Around the end of 2013, it is possible to buy a regulated rate e-cigarette for around $100.

        Power control products

One thing to note is that there is actually no such thing as true power regulation. The power value we read on the display frequency is only the converted value of voltage and current.

Seventh generation of electronic cigarettes
In the first quarter of 2015, seven generations of temperature-controlled electronic cigarettes entered the field of vision. The chip in the electronic cigarette can control the electronic cigarette device to generate a certain temperature of the flue gas. There are many advantages to this, such as avoiding drying the cotton core, and setting a maximum temperature limit to prevent thermal degradation of the smoke oil due to excessive temperature. Of course, the seventh generation of electronic cigarettes also has some shortcomings. For example, the newly used pure nickel coil of the atomizer increases with the increase of temperature, which will bring voltage fluctuation, which is not as stable as the nickel-chromium alloy coil.
E-cigarette evolution history

Temperature-controlled electronic cigarette
In the future, e-cigarette technology will become more and more mature, and we look forward to better products in the future 🙂

Quit smoking artifact, portable e-cigarette SUORIN DROP | KKEMC.COM

        Hello everyone, The demand for cigarette replacement is the original intention of many users who choose e-cigarettes. From the beginning of the invention of e-cigarettes, there are always mouth-supply products. In the past 18 years, the flat e-cigarette products of the mouth-sucking type have been developed and launched, and even have become the mainstream product type of the electronic cigarette market this year.


         The DROP “water droplet” cigarette launched by SUORIN is very similar in shape to its name. The five colors and the shape of the water droplet make the SUORIN DROP look very beautiful and stylish. For consumers, they can also choose their favorite. color. The water droplets are simple and neat, and are very close to the packaging style of digital products. In addition to the instructions and data lines of the independent carton packaging, a graphic card for oiling operation is also included in the package.


        The overall operation of the water droplets is excellent, the seams of the fuselage and the gap between the atomizer and the fuselage are very small. The surface of the fuselage is treated with a skin-like layer, which feels good. The shape of the whole body is very similar to the water droplets, and it looks round and rich in texture. The charging interface is located at the center of the bottom of the fuselage. This design allows the user to hold it more easily while holding the side suction.


        The curved treatment of the upper edge of the flat fuselage makes the water droplets have a good grip, and with a very skin-friendly coating, it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. The top part of the cartridge also has a flat design that fits well over the mouth. Need to pay attention to the LOGO part of the fuselage similar to the ignition key is just a factory LOGO, water droplets e-cigarette is operated by suction induction, the body does not have any buttons.


        Under the cartridge of suorin drop, there will be a layer of stickers under the factory, and the host can be connected after the sticker is removed. The two contacts at the bottom of the cartridge are treated with a concave surface, which allows the two contacts of the fuselage to be embedded and connected to the cartridge to ensure stable energization of the cartridge and the fuselage. At the same time, there are protrusions in the middle of the sides of the cartridge, which can ensure that the cartridge will not be easily pulled out when installed on the main engine. The design of the two small parts can see the careful design of the small e-cigarette of water droplets, and also ensure the stable energization of small e-cigarette to a large extent.


        The e-cigarette cartidge with small water droplets can hold 2ML of e-liquid, and the atomizer coil of the cartridge is composed of coil and oil guide cotton, which is located at the center of the bottom of the cartridge. Through the cartridge indicator card in the package, it can be known that the cigarette with water droplets has two openings below, and when the oil is injected, the other hole can function as a pressure relief of the cartridge body. The oil injection opening can meet the insertion of the end of the plastic dropper, but there will still be some residual oil after the oil filling is completed. If you want to save the trouble of wiping, you can also use the needle-type e-juice bottle to fill the oil.


        There is an indicator light on both sides of the fuselage of the fuselage for the indication of the power and warning notice. The transparent rubber pad located in the middle of the fuselage can cooperate with the two rubber plugs at the bottom of the cartridge to better seal the e-liquid inside the cartridge. At the same time, this transparent rubber pad can provide a smoother intake route for the air intake hole at the bottom of the cartridge, ensuring sufficient intake of the cartridge.


        The oil-filled empty cartridge provide convenience for users to choose their favorite smoke oil. It is recommended to use low-VG high nicotine e-liquid for use, or choose nicotine salt e-liquid for small e-cigarette to have better use effect. Tested with the honey tree cigar taste of the tree of life, the small suorin drop can clearly express the two flavors of tobacco. Although there is no layered e-cigarette atomizer, but for a small e-cigarette, The performance of small e-cigarette in the taste is still good.


        With 310 mAh battery capacity and 2ML e-liquid capacity, the suorin drop are still very safe. The whole product design is very detailed, the details are handled very well, plus beautiful fashion design, suorin drop small e-cigarette is still very flattering.

        If you say the shortcomings, when you breathe in your mouth, the suorin will not feel very tight, and you can even inhale them with mild lungs. Of course, the need for inspiratory resistance and inspiratory methods varies from person to person. It is an advantage for many people to be able to satisfy both mild lung and mouth.

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Evaluation of Breeze 2 integrated electronic cigarette | KKEMC.COM

        After the light wind kit developed by Yi Jia Te was launched, it gained a high degree of attention. When the integrated electronic cigarette becomes a product form accepted by the player because of better portability, the breeze 2 has come to us. The light breeze 2 generation continues the overall style of the 1st generation and still has a good portable experience. In addition, the breeze 2 generation and those upgrades and changes, let us come to understand.

        The outer packaging is a black background color with a strong business style. The front is the appearance of the host and the product identification. The back of the fuselage is a list of packaging and manufacturer-related information.

       After opening the package, there are breeze 2 equipment, atomizer coil (1.0Ω/0.6Ω), sealing ring, sealing plug, Micro USB charging cable, warranty card and manual.

        It has good portability with the Breeze 1 generation. Yi Jia Te is also equipped with a dust cap for the Breeze 2 suit, which can effectively prevent dust from entering in pockets or backpacks. The overall size of the cartridge is 96*35*19mm, which is not much different from the light wind 1 generation.

        Remove the dust cover, compared with the drip tips of other small e-cigarette sets, the rectangular drop tips is several times larger in front of the eyes, and the flat design is very comfortable for the player to have a mouthpiece. The drip tip and the oil storage bin are linked together by a snap-on structure. When the entire oil storage bin is removed, it is necessary to simultaneously press the buttons on both sides of the fuselage, and when the sound is heard, the oil storage bin can be ejected.

        Aspire Yi Jia Te produced – Breeze 2 generation integrated electronic cigarette set use evaluation Aspire Yi Jia Te produced – Breeze 2 generation integrated electronic cigarette set use evaluation Aspire Yi Jia Te produced

       After removing the drip trip, it can be seen that the light wind 2 set adopts the top air intake design and supports the adjustment of the intake air size to meet the user’s pursuit of different suction resistance. However, after use, it is known that even if the air inlet is fully opened, a large suction resistance can be felt, and the gentle lung suction method is more suitable for such design.

        The light wind 1 generation is different from the 2nd generation oil storage method. The 1st generation oil storage tank is inside the fuselage, and the 2nd generation is directly set as a separate e-cigarette bomb, but the finished atomizer coil and e-liquid is also used. Unscrew the top airflow adjustment ring of the oil storage tank, install the atomizer coils onto the adjustment ring, and install the atomizer coils. Adding e-liquid requires opening the rubber pad on the bottom of the oil storage bin. The replacement of the atomizing coil is designed separately from the oil filling port, and no matter whether it is adding e-liquid or replacing the atomizing coil, it will not affect another operation.

        The storage tank capacity is 2ml, and the battery life is shorter for a 0.6 ohm atomizing coil with a large amount of smoke. However, the later manufacturers will introduce a standard version of the oil storage tank with a storage capacity of 3 ml.

        The light breeze 2 generation body case is a built-in 1000mAh capacity battery. When the frequency of use is not high, the battery life time can easily cope with the usage time of one day. The front of the fuselage is equipped with an ignition button, which is pressed 5 times for the power on/off operation. Unlike the light wind 1 generation, the light wind 2 generation cancels the air brake function, and it is necessary to press the ignition switch to atomizer each time the suction is performed.

        Summary: Today, as the small e-cigarette and nicotine salt e-juice is getting hotter, Yi Jiate has already begun to get involved and layout in this market segment. Players have complaints about the fact that they can’t add e-juice on their own, and the endurance time is not long enough. The  2nd generation suit can directly solve the “pain point” in the game for the player. After pressing the ignition button to energize, next to the contact of the subject and the oil storage bin, two LED lights illuminate the inside of the cartridge, reflecting the colorful light, which is very beautiful. However, compared with the 1st generation, the light wind 2 generation has an upgrade, but it does not give the player a more eye-catching and more amazing function, but it is slightly disappointing.

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SUORIN AIR-Representative Of Small E-cigarettes And Flat E-cigarettes | KKEMC.COM

        Hello everyone. Since the appearance of small e-cigarettes and flat e-cigarettes, the popularity of small e-cigarette and flat e-cigarette products has increased day by day, among which the lightest pen-shaped e-cigarettes has been sought after by many users. The small water droplets launched by SUORIN stand out in the flat e-cigarettes with excellent workmanship and design, while the other small e-cigarettes SUORIN AIR launched with the water droplets is a new product with a lighter design point.
        In the name of SUORIN AIR, it is further echoed by the lightweight characteristics of the product. In terms of size, AIR is slightly longer than the small e-cigarettes and flat e-cigarettes, the total length is 86mm, and the AIR is thinner in thickness. From the design point of view, AIR’s card-style appearance will appear to be biased towards business style, but the multi-color body still provides users with more color choices.
        The AIR e-cigarette made of aluminum alloy and is only 37g in weight and feels very light in the hand. In the surface treatment process of the fuselage, AIR and SUORIN DROP adopt a completely different method, and have a metallic luster. However, the same as the DROP, the body feels very fine and has a fine matte texture.
       The Suorin Air Cartridge and the fuselage also use a magnetic link, the difference is that AIR has a strong magnet on the cartridge and the fuselage, the adsorption force is very strong, and the link is very firm. The two contacts of the cartridge are recessed, and the fuselage is linked to the cartridge to allow the fuselage contacts to be embedded in it to ensure stable energization. From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the “silicone valve control device” provided by the factory for the cartridge. The addition of this device can effectively prevent the cartridge from leaking.
       The bottom of the fuselage has a USB charging interface, indicator light and switch key. Although AIR is also a suction induction output mode, the manufacturer still has a push-on key for AIR. Next to the charging interface is a small e-cigarette indicator for power display and operation prompts. The indicator light can have a large light-emitting area through the translucent portion below the opening key, and the battery power can be clearly observed when sucking.
       The mouth opening of the AIR cigarette is located at the corner of the cartridge. Through the drip tips, it can be seen that the atomizer coil in the cartridge is composed of a loose coil and a cotton oil guide. The cigarette holder located obliquely above will inevitably have a flaw in the wrong position, and it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the e-cigarette holder when using it.
        AIR e-cigarette can hold 2ML of e-liquid oil, and each cartridge is recommended to cycle 5 to 8 times. Open the rubber plug at the bottom to see that the AIR cartridge has a large oil injection hole width, which can accommodate the insertion of the rubber dropper, and also has a certain space for the pressure relief of the oil tank. Since the oil tank of the AIR cartridge does not divide the e-liquid into two parts like the cigarette in the middle cigarette holder, there is no need to worry about the uneven oil distribution of the atomizer coil.
        Only 37g of AIR cigarettes have a battery capacity of 400mah, and the battery life is very good. The lightweight body is in the hands like a card, very light. From the appearance and structure, SUORIN AIR and DROP can be said to be two products with completely different design ideas. If you like to be light and need to self-inject the oil cartridge, then AIR will be a product worthy of attention.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of eGo AIO Kit | KKEMC.COM

      Our main character today is the eGo AIo launched by Joyetech. I also tried to search for relevant evaluations through the Internet before buying. However, apart from the soft text, there are few and few articles to evaluate, so I have to do it myself.
      I bought the black model. Before I have read some article, the positioning of this product eGo AIO is more suitable for newcomers to enter the pit and female users. In fact, it is still quite cool for male users to buy black. The overall material gives a strong metal feel. The diameter of the pole is about 19mm and the length is about 118mm. It has a certain weight in the hand, and it feels good. the eGo AIO is also very convenient to carry out.
      The design of this ego rod is relatively simple. The above picture shows the product decomposition. The battery rod and the atomization chamber are connected together. If the battery is damaged, it must be returned to the factory. The glass bin can not be replaced. The official battery capacity is 1500 millimeters. Ann, in actual use, almost 2 warehouse oil needs to be charged; then it is used the 0.6 ohm finished atomizer coil, base, and drip trips. The entire design is filled with oil at the top, and the air inlet is moved to the top of the base, which really prevents oil leakage.
      The atomization chamber capacity is 2ml. The oil injection needs to turn the top base to fill the Dekang e-liquid oil. Because the finished atomization coil is connected to the base, each time the e-luqiud oil is added to the glass bin, it is filled with half of the glass. Otherwise, the base is screwed. There will be oil seeping behind the seat.
      This is the 0.6 ohm finished atomizing coils delivered with a labeled power output of 15-28w. The bottom design of the atomizing coil also continues Joyethech’s own characteristics. The large area of the bottom protrusion is the electrode, which is just docked with the bottom of the atomization chamber, and the small hole on the side of the electrode 2 is the oil guiding hole. From the design concept The last drop of oil in the atomization chamber can be drained. Ego aio has great limitations in the selection of finished atomizing coils. The currently launched atomized coil supporting ego aio has only 0.6 ohm bf atomizing coil.
      Next is the base of the atomizing coils connection. The funnel design of the base can well return the condensate. The pedestal is directly connected to the finished atomizing coil, and the use of the atomizing coil is relatively straightforward, and the 0.6 ohm atomizing core is used, and the sound is also slightly loud. For the top of the smokeless design, there is usually a problem that is easy to fry in the mouth, and the drop trip of the ego aio is designed with a spiral design, which also blocks the problem of oil frying.
      The air inlet of this product is also placed on the base. In the figure, the two small dots are aligned to open the air inlet to the maximum, and the 90 degree is the smallest. When the inlet air is opened to a minimum, a certain amount of resistance can be felt, and the smoke concentration is also improved. However, there is a disadvantage in that there is a serious heat generation phenomenon even after a few mouthfuls of suction, even if the air inlet is opened to the maximum, The temperature will gradually increase after continuous use.
to sum up:
      For newcomers who have just entered the pit, it is still highly recommended. It can be classified as a cost-effective product in terms of price positioning. It is also very convenient and simple in daily maintenance. The average is a warehouse oil every day, so the battery is basically basic. It can be used for 2 days. For the taste and the amount of smoke, the feeling is that it is positioned between the big smoke and the mouthfeel, the amount of smoke is relatively thin, and the expression of the mouth is slightly violent compared with the nautilus.
      1, simple design, easy maintenance
      2, no oil leakage
      3, easy to carry and compact
      4, battery life is strong
      5, cool adjustable colorful lights
      1, the battery can not be replaced
      2, the atomized warehouse glass can not be replaced
      3. Only one atomizing coil is suitable for this product.
      4, the atomization sound is louder
      5, even pumping is easy to overheat
Finally, a light picture is attached. There are seven colors to choose from and you can turn it off. you can also observe the amount of E-liquid inside. Buy Link: KKEMC.COM

Evaluation Of Wismec Reuleaux RX200S TC Mod | KKEMC.COM

Wismec Reuleaux RX200S 200W Vape Mods Temp Control Box Mod battery with 5 colors could choose.

Hello everyone, today is the Wisce’s electronic cigarette battery mod RX200S.

In addition to the well-known DNA200 in the WismecReuleaux series, another RX200, a three-electric device, is also receiving rave reviews, and now it is an upgraded version of the RX200, the RX200S. The 0.96-inch OLED screen responds to the popular big screen trend, powerful battery life, and the sudden burst of ignition makes this product a remarkable one.

Product configuration:

Dimensions: length 50.0 mm, width 40.0 mm, height 84.0 mm

Thread: 510 thread battery

Battery type: high magnification 18650 battery (continuous output current is not less than 25A)

Output mode: VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR Mode

Power range: 1-200W

Resistance range: in temperature control mode, 0.05-1.5 ohms/power mode, 0.1-3.5 ohms

Temperature control range: 100-315 degrees Celsius / 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit

First of all, the front side of the package is in the middle of the law, the back security code can be scratched, and the product is guaranteed. Focus on the bottom of the back, clearly marked in model, dealer, phone, address, dealer, dealer address.

List of items:


USB charging cable*1

Instruction manual*1

(The manual is in English, although it is clearly marked on the back of the manual: MADE IN CHINA)

Although the overall body is a three-electric box, but the grip is comfortable, and does not feel the feeling of one hand can not hold. Because the official did not give specific data on the paint surface, the metal texture is nothing to say.

The above picture is already using the 510 interface after 1 day, and it has already produced wear, but considering that the 510 interface is also painted, it is inevitable that there is wear and tear.

The bottom is vented with various signs, models, and 4 rows of pressure relief ports, each with 5 small holes, which greatly improves safety protection. In addition, there are 1 row of 3 pressure relief holes on the side of the fuselage. It should also be considered in consideration of the three-electric 200W high-power output to enhance heat dissipation.

The bottom and bottom of the battery compartment are clearly marked with the positive and negative positions, while the uppermost battery is placed opposite the positive and negative poles. There is a drawstring, and there is no problem with disassembling the battery. The four magnets of the warehouse cover correspond to the four magnets of the warehouse body, and the suction force is very strong, so there is no need to worry about the problem of the cover cover slipping. And a total of 8 magnets are in-line. Don’t worry too much about the loss of small magnets. (Please be sure to note that the battery must use the same brand!)

Key operation:

Ignition key 5: power on, power off. Under the ignition key 3: the mode cursor on the screen flashes, the minus key is selected to adjust the specific option, and the plus key is changed. In the power mode, the ignition key + plus key locks the resistance.

(The body has no – + icon, the minus key is a circular circle for the body, and the identification is simple.)


RX200S+MATTY atomizer + iced Tieguanyin E-liquid.

MATTY atomizer double-engine structure, A1 wire 26G, 0.3 ring diameter, 6 turns. The resistance is 0.49. Power 40W.

There is no delay in ignition, and the taste oil is still in a low resistance, and still gives a considerable amount of smoke. The following figure shares the amount of 1S ignition smoke:

The hot summer is accompanied by the ice-cold Tieguanyin, the cyclical explosion taste brought by MATTY, the powerful explosion and battery life of the three electric hosts, which makes people completely unable to stop. This is not, one does not pay attention:

Unconsciously, I have already killed about 8ML of e-juice. Cotton and heating wire have also been seriously carbonized. After all, the pursuit of violent taste, exceeding the output of the formula power, fuel consumption is quite large.


1, three electric life is good, 40W power, using Sony C4 power 2100mAh capacity, barrier-free use for one day. Frequent use of Henggang atomizer 0.8 resistance atomization core, one morning 2 warehouse e-liquid, the use of electricity is only 20%. Life is quite awesome!

2, the power is not a virtual standard, the same, this is also the benefits brought by the three power, even in the case of only 20% of the power is still very fast, the output is normal!

3, feel comfortable, almost can be chamfered in every place, the case of being scratched by the box will not happen.


1. The volume causes the whole to be quite compact. At the same time, the problem is that the body heats up quickly, and the heat is very strong under continuous high-power operation, even the whole front panel is very hot.

2, very difficult to understand why the 510 interface should also be painted, the first day of use has already hanged a lot of paint, Virgo really will be very tangled.

3, or because of the relationship between the three power, the box is really heavy. If you want to bring out the street, I am afraid there is still some difficulty, and the whole body is fat and round, and I am very worried that the girls with small hands will not be able to catch it.

In general, the RX200S first increased the screen on the basis of the previous generation, and the various data can be seen at a glance. Secondly, the performance under low power is very reassuring. After all, frequent battery replacement is really uncomfortable. local. Finally, the workmanship does improve a lot, chamfer or something, big love!

Finally, here I call on players, equipment or to buy genuine, safety buy link: KKEMC.COM

DIY electronic E-juice tutorial, E-liquid Recipe | KKEMC.COM

This time it is divided into several stages to introduce DIY E-juice:
      1: Why do you want to DIY?
      2: What does DIY need for the first time (simple formula for the first time diy)?
      3: What flavors do you need to buy for the first time?
      4: Flavor subdivision and difference
      5: Use of advanced additives

1: Why do you want to DIY?
      The first DIY was because I wanted to save money. At that time, I remember that the little green man was still around 70, and halo was around 90. I didn’t want to do too much, I can barely enter the entrance.
      Later, I accumulated more than a month of information. At that time, all the diy forums and websites I could find were either English or French. (There is a French forum that is really very good, that is, I can’t understand anything about my French level. ) have carefully studied one side.
      Finally confirmed what equipment to buy, what flavor, pg, vg, nicotine or something. Then began the road to dig deep pits.
      The recipe made for the first time was the taste of an orange soda. (At that time, I entrusted to think about it. I was not sure if the formula I found on the Internet was good. Now the formula of this kind of e-juice on sale at store.), I didn’t report much expectations. . As a result, I got a pump and I felt that it was not worse than the one I bought. Even better than most cbd oil.
      In a blink of an eye for more than half a year, I have calculated at least 10 liters of oil, and most of them have fallen. All kinds of detours have gone, and now they have stabilized in several favorite formulas.
To sum up, the advantages of DIY are mainly:
      (1) Save money (I am doing a very complicated e-juice100ml, the approximate cost is 65)
      (2) Rest assured (now e-juice fake, unidentified, too much hype. At least tfa, cap, fw these fragrances have a history, more assured)
      (3) The taste is controllable (such as the oil of melon milkshake that I often make, in summer my coolener (10% ws agent) will be added to 4%, and in winter only 2%.)
      (4) Constantly renovate the original formula until satisfied, and experience the sense of accomplishment.
     (5) The diy process is very interesting.

2: What do you need for the first time? What do you need to do? (Simple formula for the first time diy)?
      Diy e-juice is divided into two factions: volume and weight.
      Weight pie: Calculate VG, PG, flavor in advance. The weight of the nicotine solution was added to each component by weight.
      Need: small electronic scales, beakers, small egg beaters.
      Volume: Scale directly by volume. For example: 100ml of e-juice, add 10% of the essence is to use a needle to pump 10ml flavor added. Need: needle tube, beaker, small egg beater.
      I generally use the volume approach.

      So the first time diy needs to:

      (1) Fragrance (mostly dissolved in pg, so when calculating vg, pg ratio needs to count the essence)
      (2) VG (vg itself is sweet, no irritation, but too high vg content is not suitable for oil storage. This is a matter of opinion)
      (3) Nicotine (generally divided into 36mg/ml, and 100mg/ml)
      (4) 1ml needle tube (quantity according to the formula, a needle, a needle, nicotine is also used. Used to be cleaned, or directly replaced, anyway cheap), 10ml needle (for adding pg)
      (5) 100ml (or 250 or 500) beakers. (This depends on how much you want to do)
      (6) Egg beater (used to stir the smoke oil to make the essence blend)
      (7) e-liquid bottle (this does not explain, there must be a container filled product)

Production process:

Recipe: TFA Strawberry 6%
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 8%
Nicotine: 3.6mg/ml
VG: PG=6:4
Total volume 100ml

Step 1: clean the beaker and dry it.
Step 2: Turn the fragrance and nicotine crazy before shaking, some flavors need this.
Step 3: a total of 17 ml of PG was extracted with a 10 ml syringe and added to the beaker.
Step 4: 1ml syringe to extract 6ml of tfa strawberry into the beaker.
Step 5: Extract 8ml of tfa vanilla bean ice cream into the beaker with a 1ml syringe. (The needle is cleaned or replaced)
Step 6: Add VG to 50ml.
Step 7: The eggbeater stirs the semi-finished smoke oil in the beaker for about one minute.
Step 8: 10 ml of a 36 mg/ml nicotine solution was taken from a 10 ml syringe and then poured into VG up to 100ml.
Step 9: Stir the eggbeater for 2 minutes.
Step 10: Pour into the oil bottle and try the taste with the drip atomizer.
Step 11(Optional) : If you feel that the flavor of the e-juice is not well blended, put it in a dark and cool place, shake it for one minute every day, and open it for 10 minutes. (Generally, oily vanilla frozen flavors have a very good taste in two weeks).

In the end, the recipe is very simple and nothing special, but the taste is not bad. It is suitable for the first time to try water.
In fact, I think TFA’s vanilla bean ice cream is thicker and thicker. But TFA’s vanilla beans are amazing, and some people can only taste the pepper. The taste of CAP is relatively close and there is no strange smell.

3: What flavors do you need to buy for the first time?

Common e-cigarette brands do not indicate the recommended ratio and characteristics. After a lot of flavors exceed a certain proportion, there will be a variety of strange and embarrassing feelings (such as tfa champagne, cooling agents, etc.); some flavors need other flavors to match, otherwise it will be particularly embarrassing (such as TFA honeydew melon).

So, for the first time I want to try diy, in addition to the fragrances bought according to various online recipes, what kind of safety can I try for my own diy innovation, suitable for novice fragrance?

Foreign diy forums have voted, the results are as follows:

        FA FUJI
        TFA PEAR
        FA COOKIE

Some Americans prefer a creamy pastry oil. Some like fruit refreshing.
I personally think that the first time you can try: cap New York cheesecake, tfa pie cheesecake, tfa cooked strawberry, cap sweet strawberry, tfa pear, cap vanilla ice cream, tfa vanilla ice cream, cap vanilla custard, tfa apricot (Apricot).

Very simple match:
2% tfa (cap also) vanilla ice cream,
2% CAP vanilla custard,
6% tfa cooked strawberries,
2% cap sweet strawberry,
1.5% tfa sweetener.

It tastes good, but it takes two weeks to wake up. (least)

Everyone knows that compared with the strawberry milk-flavored oil that costs more than 90, this taste is not bad, and the cost is extremely low;

Let’s calculate the cost: 5ml tfa essence is 7 pieces (much higher than the average price), CAP 5ml is 9 (also much higher than the average price), VG even French red bottle is 45 yuan for 250ml , PG is about 18 dollars 250ml, nicotine is generally 30ml for 30 dollars.

This formula, 100ml requires about 43 dollars. Take 10ml a day, only 4.3 yuan.

4: (advanced) flavor subdivision and difference

There are many kinds of online flavors, except for the domestic ones (most of which are not available), even in the United States, there are many brands.
Not to mention the different flavors of each brand.

I can always see something like this: “I think the cap fragrance is purer, there is a little bit of taste, tfa is too light and too rubbish. “This evaluation. I think this is not true.
After trying dozens of flavors, it is not difficult to find that whether it is cap or tfa or fw, there are some flavors with strong flavors and some fragrances.

Here is a question: Why is this?

Personally feel that it is necessary to start from the role of different flavors.

Flavors I can define as several categories:
1: main taste
2: Auxiliary taste
3: Additives
4: Matching taste

1: Main taste.
As the name implies, the main taste is generally the essence of the whole flavor that can resist the whole bottle of oil.
It is generally used as a background flavor. For example: vanilla ice cream flavored e-juice, generally about 2 percent of tfa vanilla bean ice cream.
Regardless of the taste of the fruit, the vanilla flavor when inhaled and the taste of the milkshake that is thicker when spit out are attributed to vanilla bean ice cream.

Similar flavors include: vanilla jelly (may also become a flavor), tfa strawberry (can become a flavor), cap sweet guava, tfa apricot, tfa mint and so on.

You may find that some of the flavors are in the brackets, so why does the main taste turn into a flavor? What is the definition of the main taste?

Here, I think the standard of the main taste is that it has a relatively complete taste when inhaled and spit out, and there is no such thing as a slight taste when spitting, or a little bit of inhalation. The main taste is reduced, and it can also serve as a blending taste and support other main flavors. The two are not contradictory.

2: Auxiliary taste.
The auxiliary taste is very simple, with the main taste, the combination of flavors where the main taste is not too monotonous can be defined as an auxiliary taste.
Generally: cap sweet strawberry, tfa cooked strawberry, Bavarian cream and so on.

3: Additives.
A lot of American oil, especially the oil that is suddenly loved by many people, adds a lot of sweeteners (of course, there is no more Malay oil). I have seen the American Yancohol Factory open its own formula on the website, and also used it to sell money. The formula inside is increased by 4% taf sweetener.
Then, flavors such as sweeteners, cooling agents, sour agents, vanilloids, malic acid, citric acid, physiological saline, and throating agents are so-called additives.
It is not good to add or add it casually.

4: Match the taste.
This category looks very mysterious.
It is indeed possible to count metaphysics.
The so-called blending taste refers to the blending flavor A which is added to a small amount or even a tasteless taste, and can make the flavor B taste better.
This has the function of coincidence with the additive, but the additive does not have a specific food or fruit name, but the taste is often a specific food or fruit flavor.
For example, adding 0.5% tfa dragon fruit can make the strawberry flavor more prominent; adding 0.3% tfa orange cream can make the flavor of the raspberry flavor more authentic and so on.

Share a recipe here:
TFA Extra Strong Kiwi —-4%
TFA ripe strawberry ——7%
TFA Dragon Fruit ——1%
TFA sour agent ——0.5%
TFA sweetener ——1%

This formula is not balanced, the taste is average, but it can reflect all the classifications: Kiwi is the main taste, cooked strawberry is the auxiliary taste, dragon fruit is the matching taste, sour agent, sweetener is the additive.

5: (Advanced) use of advanced additives

The advanced additives referred to here are:

TFA sour agent (actually malic acid)
TFA sweetener (5 percent substitute sugar, 5 percent EM)
TFA Lozenges (I have forgotten it)
TFA super sweet (20 percent sugar substitute)
TFA Marshmallow (10 EM)
Vanilla (I haven’t used it, I don’t want to ugly)
TFA marshmallow
Freshly squeezed lemon juice (black technology)
Saline (0.9% concentration)
Cooling agent (10% crystal dissolved)
TFA Dragon Fruit

1: TFA sour agent

The composition is 10% malic acid.
Do not dilute and squeeze a drop. . very sour.
Here I need to talk about my experimental results: after adding more than 2 percent, the smell of smoke will become less and less. And there is no obvious sourness.
At 0.5 to 1 percent, the fruit tastes a little fresher.
There is a magical use that is added to 7 percent, with 8 percent of em and tfa super thick kiwi and tfa cooked strawberries, which are finished in a week. It is said that it is very cool, the coil is dead very quickly haha.

It is recommended not to exceed 1%. I also doubt whether the e-cigarette can really simulate the sour taste of the food.

2: sweetener

TFA is 5 percent sugar substitute and 5 percent EM. CAP is a direct 20 percent substitute sugar.

The difference between sugar substitute and em is: the sugar substitute makes the whole smoked sweetened, and the taste is rich. The lips are all sweet. Many keratin and malay oils are at least 3 percent sugar substitutes; and em is to make some flavors (usually fruit) taste sweet, not really sweet, but the aroma is aggravated. After you have finished, there is no feeling that your lips are sweet, so you won’t get tired.

The more intuitive explanation of the difference between sugar substitute and em is: the sugar substitute is to eat strawberry hard candy, and the em is a very fragrant strawberry while eating the strawberry. . . .

It is not recommended here that cap super sweet is more than 1 percent.

3: Throat

The throating agent will also make some flavors fade slowly, but at a lower concentration (less than 1%), I personally feel that some of the flavors will be weakened and the taste will become thicker. It’s like adding skim milk before adding it, adding it to full fat milk and adding some condensed milk.

This requires a lot of experience, my experience is not very good, I don’t say too much, so as not to mislead everyone.

4: TFA cotton fudge

At a concentration of no more than 3 percent, cotton marshmallow enhances the thick and sweet taste of the milk. At the same time, below 2%, it can make some of the more embarrassing, more difficult to tame the fragrance is milder.

5: Freshly squeezed lemon juice

This is amazing.
I have never used it myself, but some foreign researchers have experimented with it. It is said that the lemonade formula is added in five or six drops according to 100ml, which will make the lemon taste more real. The oil of the element does not mean that there is a real juice to add, it is estimated to be lemon juice.

6: normal saline

The oil of the creamy pastry is added to physiological saline (less than 3 percent), which has a miraculous effect. The palate is hard to describe, but it is positive.
Safety issues should not be worried, after all, the air on the beach is much more dirty than the water vapor evaporated from the saline.

7: cooling agent

Cooling agents are a commonplace.
The cooling agent can bring a cold feeling without adding the flavor of menthol/mint herb.
TFA’s koolada is 10% crystal dissolved, and generally koolada is added below 4%, which does not affect the taste of smoke.

8: TFA Dragon Fruit

Add tfa dragon fruit flavor (less than 2 percent) to the strawberry-flavored oil to make the strawberry taste more prominent and smoother.
For other fruit oils, adding more than 2 percent of dragon fruit will make the overall taste moist and not dry.
It is recommended that diy players always have dragon fruit.

Buy electronic cigarettes and e-juice at KKEMC.COM

Is IQOS electronic cigarette harmful? How is it used? | KKEMC.COM

      IQOS e-cigarette is a product from Phillips. Once it was published, it swept Europe, the United States and Japan, and Taiwan! It is an authentic intermediate product of electronic cigarettes and cigarettes, which satisfies everyone’s pursuit!
       IQOS e-cigarette is commonly attributed to heat not burn tobacco products in the industry, and works by baking tobacco to produce smoke instead of directly burning tobacco.
       Then the question is coming, is the IQOS e-cigarette harmful? How is it used? Since its launch, IQOS has been labelled “smoke-free, odorless, and harmless”. But is this smoke really so amazing?
       The answer is: YES, I am a user of IQOS and I’d like to share with you! I am currently using IQOS, and the first pack of cigarettes I smoked is Marlboro with light mint/menthol flavor. After getting the equipment, I searched the manual on the Internet and followed the prompts step by step. After everything was done, I took a slam dunk and It was familiar with the taste of the Marlboro, and more than 20 in the supermarket. The smoke sucked into the mouth at first, it was hot, and the deep breath was accompanied by a burst of cool and strong throat sensation. It was just like a cigarette, and even the resistance of the suction was no different from the real smoke. Compared with real cigarettes, the smoke IQOS e-cigarette is much smaller, and there is almost no second-hand smoke in the house. It almost has no smoke and smell. And there is no ash, and I don’t have to worry about the ash everywhere on my computer desk…
       I have been using IQOS for 3 months today. I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes. I used to pack one pack a day. I was also guilty on the first day. Can this stuff really hold back the cravings? It turned out to be awkward, but on the first day I took a full pack of cigarettes (20). In the first few days, it was a pack a day. In September, two half-smoke cartridges were used (one 10 packs were the same as regular cigarettes). Two were used in October. Now it is December, and I bought 2 of them in November. The cartridge hasn’t finished yet… At first I was worried that this stuff is very high in tar, because its taste is too similar to real smoke. Until one day my friend gave me a cigarette, I was too much to be overwhelmed by the ash and thick tar. I am used to the IQOS without the smell of ash, and I am no longer used to cigarettes.
OK, let me summarize.
       1. Smoke tar is basically filtered, reducing the damage to your body and others while taking nicotine (note that I am not sure, not responsible for this).
       2. There is no soot, no open flame, and it is convenient to throw cigarette butts. When I can’t find the trash can, I will put it back into the box and I won’t have to carry the carry-on ashtray.
       3. The smoke is small, almost no smell, and it can be sucked in more occasions. I have not smoked on the plane, but I have smoked it in the terminal building, hotels, and non-smoking hotels in Europe. There is no taste at all, no one cares.
       4. You can take the plane and get off the plane. You don’t have to find a place to buy a lighter. (There are few countries in the world that stipulate that the lighter can’t be brought on the plane, China is too wonderful).
       5. E-cigarettes are more like cigarettes than most e-liquid.
       1. In case there is no electricity and no charging treasure, it will be forced to stop.
       2. It takes only five minutes to pump one, and it’s not too big. (I used to pump Marlboro Crisp Mint, blue and gray box, cool, without blasting beads. Dark green smoke bombs should be similar to it, 0.6 or 0.7) For people with high cravings, it may not be strong enough. Introducing to my friend, the cigarette addiction is very big, so he bought two sets, and changed it.
       3. The feeling of smoking is already very good, and most of the electronic cigarettes are destroyed, but there are still some differences compared with cigarettes. It is estimated that not all People can adapt.
       4. Every time you buy a cigarette, you have to find a purchase in advance. Some purchases do not give force for a long time without shipping, and you will lose food.
       5. The quality of iQOS is not known. If there is no smoke in the moment, it will be smoked.
       6. After getting used to it, I will re-extract Marlboro Crisp Mint and feel a bit strange. Fortunately, it is still enjoyable, and the scorpion and lungs are not uncomfortable.
           If you want try IQOS E-cigarette, buy at KKEMC.COM.