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808D battery is the earliest and has been the most widely used electronic cigarette battery, its slender body, and the thickness of traditional cigarettes is similar, after all, It is the earliest electronic cigarette batteries, so it is shape, size, outlook is similar to traditional cigarette. It is precisely for the reason that the electronic cigarettes into the market at an early stage was quickly accepted by the market and users, which also laid the foundation for the subsequent development of the electronic cigarette industry.

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From the figure, we can see that the 808D battery itself is small, easy to carry, and the structural function is very different from the electronic cigarette battery on the market. Currently, the electronic cigarette battery on the market is in addition to the power supply, in the battery capacity, power, shape, Structures, including threads, have been improved in various ways, adding a lot of popular elements, as well as practical features, the appearance becomes more and more fashion, battery capacity , battery power and battery life has been greatly improved, and many electronic cigarette batteries have a button and a display. The button can be turned on or off with a press or long press, and adjust the power. If you already filled the E-liquid in the ecig, When the button is pressed, the atomizer starts to generate heat. At this point you can enjoy the vapor. The monitor can display the remaining battery and power. greatly enhancing the user’s battery experience.


Maybe everyone will think that the 808D battery has been completely replaced and withdrawn from the market. However, in the current market, the 808D battery is still used by some users. To a large extent, the 808D battery is compact, lightweight, minimalistic, and feels the same as traditional cigarettes. and it also could match different styles 808D Atomizer, It’s the reason why the 808D battery is still popular.


In addition, the 808D battery also has some minor improvements, such as LED indications, working status and charging status display different colors, normal status and smoking protection status display different colors, battery capacity increase, color diversification, material improvement, etc.
Maybe the seller of 808D battery will be less and less, and it will gradually disappear into people’s eyes, but what I want to say is: 808D battery has been put on the market since the beginning, I started selling online till now, accepting , to be popular  then to the recession, maybe one day will be completely replaced, but I will definitely sell until that day, until no one is willing to buy 808D battery.

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