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1. The atomizer classification:

A. Finished product sub ohm tank
B, RBA atomizer (Rebuild atomizer)
RBA can be divided into
1) RTA (Rebuild tank atomizer)
2) RDA (Rebuild drip atomizer)
3) RDTA (Rebuild drip tank atomizer)
The atomizer is the most important part of the electronic cigarette except the power supply equipment. The smoke is obtained by heating the heating wire in the atomizer to evaporate the E-liquid in the internal oil guiding cotton. The intake structure of the atomizer and the structure inside the atomizer greatly affect the taste during use.
2. the atomizer works:
The working principle of all atomizers is the same. Through the mains supply, the heating coil (or atomization core) in the atomizer is heated, the heating coil heats up, and the external (or internal) of the evaporation coil adsorbs e-liquid in the oil-guiding cotton. Then it takes away the atomized smoke through the airflow inhaled by the user. Any change in any one of these points will affect the taste of the e-liquid.
Atomizers are further divided into two categories based on the characteristics of their atomizing cores:
1) The finished atomizer, because it uses a disposable heater core matched with the atomizer, is called a finished atomizer (mostly an oil atomizer). Generally, DIY bases are not equipped (some products are equipped with DIY components). However, due to the structural problems of the finished heater cores, although resetting can be performed, the effect after the reset is generally difficult to reach the original effect and requires a longer time.
2) RBA atomizers, also known as reconfigurable atomizing core atomizers. It is not equipped with a finished atomizing core. Users are required to wind the heating coils by themselves and install heating coils and oil guiding cotton. According to its structure can be divided into three types: RTA, RDA, RDTA.
3) RTA is a reconfigurable oil atomizer, RDA is a reconstitutable oil drop atomizer, and RDTA is a drop oil atomizer with oil tank.
RBA structure features:
The structure of the finished atomizer is generally composed of a drip tip/mouthpiece, a top cover, an oil tank, a finished atomization core, and a base.
The RTA atomizer is generally composed of a drip tip(mouthpiece), a top cover, a atomizer chamber, an oil tank, an electrode and a base.
The RDA atomizer is generally composed of a drip tip(mouthpiece), a atomizer top cover, a atomization chamber, an electrode and a base.
The RDTA atomizer is generally composed of a drip tip(mouthpiece), a top cover of an atomization chamber, an atomization chamber, an electrode stage, and a bottom oil tank.
In general, the airway of the mouth-type atomizer is long and narrow, the internal space of the atomizer compartment and the air inlet are small, and there is an inverted cone-shaped gathering structure at the top of the atomizerr compartment, which can fully compress the smoke and improve the feeling of your mouth. Improve the fullness and clarity. The mouth-type atomizer generally has a small intake port, it can produce a strong suction resistance (the use of lung suction will be very difficult), so most of them use oral suction.
The air passages of large smoke atomizers are relatively thick (or have no air passages). Both the space inside the atomization chamber and the air inlet are relatively large, and the smoke and air can be sufficiently mixed to increase the volume of the smoke. The taste is mainly rich, because the use of lung suction is generally used, the time for the smoke to stay in the mouth is shorter, plumpness and sharpness will be slightly reduced.
Shopping suggestions:
1) Finished atomizers Due to the stability of the mouthfeel and the very simple operation mode, the finished atomizer is more suitable for those beginners or players who do not have time (or don’t want to do) to perform heating wire production.
2) The RTA atomizers have undergone such a long period of development and has begun to polarize. On the one hand, it is a mouth-sucking oil storage atomizer that favors the taste of E-liquid, and on the other hand, it is a large smoke lung suction storage atomizer that favors large smoke and also has a certain endurance. The simplest resolution method is to determine whether the mouthpiece suction type atomizer or a large smoke lung suction atomizer is based on the size of the air inlet of the atomizer.
3) The RDA drip atomizer also has the same polarize situation. Players can distinguish whether it is a large smoke drip atomizer or a mouthfeel atomizer according to the size of the atomization chamber and the air inlet. Generally speaking, it is a mouth-shaped atomizer. The smaller the atomization chamber and the smaller the air inlet will be the mouth-shaped drip atomizer.
4) The RDTA atomizer adds an oil reservoir to the RDA atomizer to improve the low oil storage of the RDA atomizer using cotton storage.
After many years of development, the atomizer has appeared in various styles due to the needs of the players. It is biased towards the finished atomizer used by novices, and it tends to taste the mouth-sucking atomizer of the e-liquid. A large smoke atomizer for experiencing the smog of the lungs. The endless stream of structural innovations is for players to get a better experience.
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