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This time it is divided into several stages to introduce DIY E-juice:
      1: Why do you want to DIY?
      2: What does DIY need for the first time (simple formula for the first time diy)?
      3: What flavors do you need to buy for the first time?
      4: Flavor subdivision and difference
      5: Use of advanced additives

1: Why do you want to DIY?
      The first DIY was because I wanted to save money. At that time, I remember that the little green man was still around 70, and halo was around 90. I didn’t want to do too much, I can barely enter the entrance.
      Later, I accumulated more than a month of information. At that time, all the diy forums and websites I could find were either English or French. (There is a French forum that is really very good, that is, I can’t understand anything about my French level. ) have carefully studied one side.
      Finally confirmed what equipment to buy, what flavor, pg, vg, nicotine or something. Then began the road to dig deep pits.
      The recipe made for the first time was the taste of an orange soda. (At that time, I entrusted to think about it. I was not sure if the formula I found on the Internet was good. Now the formula of this kind of e-juice on sale at store.), I didn’t report much expectations. . As a result, I got a pump and I felt that it was not worse than the one I bought. Even better than most cbd oil.
      In a blink of an eye for more than half a year, I have calculated at least 10 liters of oil, and most of them have fallen. All kinds of detours have gone, and now they have stabilized in several favorite formulas.
To sum up, the advantages of DIY are mainly:
      (1) Save money (I am doing a very complicated e-juice100ml, the approximate cost is 65)
      (2) Rest assured (now e-juice fake, unidentified, too much hype. At least tfa, cap, fw these fragrances have a history, more assured)
      (3) The taste is controllable (such as the oil of melon milkshake that I often make, in summer my coolener (10% ws agent) will be added to 4%, and in winter only 2%.)
      (4) Constantly renovate the original formula until satisfied, and experience the sense of accomplishment.
     (5) The diy process is very interesting.

2: What do you need for the first time? What do you need to do? (Simple formula for the first time diy)?
      Diy e-juice is divided into two factions: volume and weight.
      Weight pie: Calculate VG, PG, flavor in advance. The weight of the nicotine solution was added to each component by weight.
      Need: small electronic scales, beakers, small egg beaters.
      Volume: Scale directly by volume. For example: 100ml of e-juice, add 10% of the essence is to use a needle to pump 10ml flavor added. Need: needle tube, beaker, small egg beater.
      I generally use the volume approach.

      So the first time diy needs to:

      (1) Fragrance (mostly dissolved in pg, so when calculating vg, pg ratio needs to count the essence)
      (2) VG (vg itself is sweet, no irritation, but too high vg content is not suitable for oil storage. This is a matter of opinion)
      (3) Nicotine (generally divided into 36mg/ml, and 100mg/ml)
      (4) 1ml needle tube (quantity according to the formula, a needle, a needle, nicotine is also used. Used to be cleaned, or directly replaced, anyway cheap), 10ml needle (for adding pg)
      (5) 100ml (or 250 or 500) beakers. (This depends on how much you want to do)
      (6) Egg beater (used to stir the smoke oil to make the essence blend)
      (7) e-liquid bottle (this does not explain, there must be a container filled product)

Production process:

Recipe: TFA Strawberry 6%
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 8%
Nicotine: 3.6mg/ml
VG: PG=6:4
Total volume 100ml

Step 1: clean the beaker and dry it.
Step 2: Turn the fragrance and nicotine crazy before shaking, some flavors need this.
Step 3: a total of 17 ml of PG was extracted with a 10 ml syringe and added to the beaker.
Step 4: 1ml syringe to extract 6ml of tfa strawberry into the beaker.
Step 5: Extract 8ml of tfa vanilla bean ice cream into the beaker with a 1ml syringe. (The needle is cleaned or replaced)
Step 6: Add VG to 50ml.
Step 7: The eggbeater stirs the semi-finished smoke oil in the beaker for about one minute.
Step 8: 10 ml of a 36 mg/ml nicotine solution was taken from a 10 ml syringe and then poured into VG up to 100ml.
Step 9: Stir the eggbeater for 2 minutes.
Step 10: Pour into the oil bottle and try the taste with the drip atomizer.
Step 11(Optional) : If you feel that the flavor of the e-juice is not well blended, put it in a dark and cool place, shake it for one minute every day, and open it for 10 minutes. (Generally, oily vanilla frozen flavors have a very good taste in two weeks).

In the end, the recipe is very simple and nothing special, but the taste is not bad. It is suitable for the first time to try water.
In fact, I think TFA’s vanilla bean ice cream is thicker and thicker. But TFA’s vanilla beans are amazing, and some people can only taste the pepper. The taste of CAP is relatively close and there is no strange smell.

3: What flavors do you need to buy for the first time?

Common e-cigarette brands do not indicate the recommended ratio and characteristics. After a lot of flavors exceed a certain proportion, there will be a variety of strange and embarrassing feelings (such as tfa champagne, cooling agents, etc.); some flavors need other flavors to match, otherwise it will be particularly embarrassing (such as TFA honeydew melon).

So, for the first time I want to try diy, in addition to the fragrances bought according to various online recipes, what kind of safety can I try for my own diy innovation, suitable for novice fragrance?

Foreign diy forums have voted, the results are as follows:

        FA FUJI
        TFA PEAR
        FA COOKIE

Some Americans prefer a creamy pastry oil. Some like fruit refreshing.
I personally think that the first time you can try: cap New York cheesecake, tfa pie cheesecake, tfa cooked strawberry, cap sweet strawberry, tfa pear, cap vanilla ice cream, tfa vanilla ice cream, cap vanilla custard, tfa apricot (Apricot).

Very simple match:
2% tfa (cap also) vanilla ice cream,
2% CAP vanilla custard,
6% tfa cooked strawberries,
2% cap sweet strawberry,
1.5% tfa sweetener.

It tastes good, but it takes two weeks to wake up. (least)

Everyone knows that compared with the strawberry milk-flavored oil that costs more than 90, this taste is not bad, and the cost is extremely low;

Let’s calculate the cost: 5ml tfa essence is 7 pieces (much higher than the average price), CAP 5ml is 9 (also much higher than the average price), VG even French red bottle is 45 yuan for 250ml , PG is about 18 dollars 250ml, nicotine is generally 30ml for 30 dollars.

This formula, 100ml requires about 43 dollars. Take 10ml a day, only 4.3 yuan.

4: (advanced) flavor subdivision and difference

There are many kinds of online flavors, except for the domestic ones (most of which are not available), even in the United States, there are many brands.
Not to mention the different flavors of each brand.

I can always see something like this: “I think the cap fragrance is purer, there is a little bit of taste, tfa is too light and too rubbish. “This evaluation. I think this is not true.
After trying dozens of flavors, it is not difficult to find that whether it is cap or tfa or fw, there are some flavors with strong flavors and some fragrances.

Here is a question: Why is this?

Personally feel that it is necessary to start from the role of different flavors.

Flavors I can define as several categories:
1: main taste
2: Auxiliary taste
3: Additives
4: Matching taste

1: Main taste.
As the name implies, the main taste is generally the essence of the whole flavor that can resist the whole bottle of oil.
It is generally used as a background flavor. For example: vanilla ice cream flavored e-juice, generally about 2 percent of tfa vanilla bean ice cream.
Regardless of the taste of the fruit, the vanilla flavor when inhaled and the taste of the milkshake that is thicker when spit out are attributed to vanilla bean ice cream.

Similar flavors include: vanilla jelly (may also become a flavor), tfa strawberry (can become a flavor), cap sweet guava, tfa apricot, tfa mint and so on.

You may find that some of the flavors are in the brackets, so why does the main taste turn into a flavor? What is the definition of the main taste?

Here, I think the standard of the main taste is that it has a relatively complete taste when inhaled and spit out, and there is no such thing as a slight taste when spitting, or a little bit of inhalation. The main taste is reduced, and it can also serve as a blending taste and support other main flavors. The two are not contradictory.

2: Auxiliary taste.
The auxiliary taste is very simple, with the main taste, the combination of flavors where the main taste is not too monotonous can be defined as an auxiliary taste.
Generally: cap sweet strawberry, tfa cooked strawberry, Bavarian cream and so on.

3: Additives.
A lot of American oil, especially the oil that is suddenly loved by many people, adds a lot of sweeteners (of course, there is no more Malay oil). I have seen the American Yancohol Factory open its own formula on the website, and also used it to sell money. The formula inside is increased by 4% taf sweetener.
Then, flavors such as sweeteners, cooling agents, sour agents, vanilloids, malic acid, citric acid, physiological saline, and throating agents are so-called additives.
It is not good to add or add it casually.

4: Match the taste.
This category looks very mysterious.
It is indeed possible to count metaphysics.
The so-called blending taste refers to the blending flavor A which is added to a small amount or even a tasteless taste, and can make the flavor B taste better.
This has the function of coincidence with the additive, but the additive does not have a specific food or fruit name, but the taste is often a specific food or fruit flavor.
For example, adding 0.5% tfa dragon fruit can make the strawberry flavor more prominent; adding 0.3% tfa orange cream can make the flavor of the raspberry flavor more authentic and so on.

Share a recipe here:
TFA Extra Strong Kiwi —-4%
TFA ripe strawberry ——7%
TFA Dragon Fruit ——1%
TFA sour agent ——0.5%
TFA sweetener ——1%

This formula is not balanced, the taste is average, but it can reflect all the classifications: Kiwi is the main taste, cooked strawberry is the auxiliary taste, dragon fruit is the matching taste, sour agent, sweetener is the additive.

5: (Advanced) use of advanced additives

The advanced additives referred to here are:

TFA sour agent (actually malic acid)
TFA sweetener (5 percent substitute sugar, 5 percent EM)
TFA Lozenges (I have forgotten it)
TFA super sweet (20 percent sugar substitute)
TFA Marshmallow (10 EM)
Vanilla (I haven’t used it, I don’t want to ugly)
TFA marshmallow
Freshly squeezed lemon juice (black technology)
Saline (0.9% concentration)
Cooling agent (10% crystal dissolved)
TFA Dragon Fruit

1: TFA sour agent

The composition is 10% malic acid.
Do not dilute and squeeze a drop. . very sour.
Here I need to talk about my experimental results: after adding more than 2 percent, the smell of smoke will become less and less. And there is no obvious sourness.
At 0.5 to 1 percent, the fruit tastes a little fresher.
There is a magical use that is added to 7 percent, with 8 percent of em and tfa super thick kiwi and tfa cooked strawberries, which are finished in a week. It is said that it is very cool, the coil is dead very quickly haha.

It is recommended not to exceed 1%. I also doubt whether the e-cigarette can really simulate the sour taste of the food.

2: sweetener

TFA is 5 percent sugar substitute and 5 percent EM. CAP is a direct 20 percent substitute sugar.

The difference between sugar substitute and em is: the sugar substitute makes the whole smoked sweetened, and the taste is rich. The lips are all sweet. Many keratin and malay oils are at least 3 percent sugar substitutes; and em is to make some flavors (usually fruit) taste sweet, not really sweet, but the aroma is aggravated. After you have finished, there is no feeling that your lips are sweet, so you won’t get tired.

The more intuitive explanation of the difference between sugar substitute and em is: the sugar substitute is to eat strawberry hard candy, and the em is a very fragrant strawberry while eating the strawberry. . . .

It is not recommended here that cap super sweet is more than 1 percent.

3: Throat

The throating agent will also make some flavors fade slowly, but at a lower concentration (less than 1%), I personally feel that some of the flavors will be weakened and the taste will become thicker. It’s like adding skim milk before adding it, adding it to full fat milk and adding some condensed milk.

This requires a lot of experience, my experience is not very good, I don’t say too much, so as not to mislead everyone.

4: TFA cotton fudge

At a concentration of no more than 3 percent, cotton marshmallow enhances the thick and sweet taste of the milk. At the same time, below 2%, it can make some of the more embarrassing, more difficult to tame the fragrance is milder.

5: Freshly squeezed lemon juice

This is amazing.
I have never used it myself, but some foreign researchers have experimented with it. It is said that the lemonade formula is added in five or six drops according to 100ml, which will make the lemon taste more real. The oil of the element does not mean that there is a real juice to add, it is estimated to be lemon juice.

6: normal saline

The oil of the creamy pastry is added to physiological saline (less than 3 percent), which has a miraculous effect. The palate is hard to describe, but it is positive.
Safety issues should not be worried, after all, the air on the beach is much more dirty than the water vapor evaporated from the saline.

7: cooling agent

Cooling agents are a commonplace.
The cooling agent can bring a cold feeling without adding the flavor of menthol/mint herb.
TFA’s koolada is 10% crystal dissolved, and generally koolada is added below 4%, which does not affect the taste of smoke.

8: TFA Dragon Fruit

Add tfa dragon fruit flavor (less than 2 percent) to the strawberry-flavored oil to make the strawberry taste more prominent and smoother.
For other fruit oils, adding more than 2 percent of dragon fruit will make the overall taste moist and not dry.
It is recommended that diy players always have dragon fruit.

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