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        After the light wind kit developed by Yi Jia Te was launched, it gained a high degree of attention. When the integrated electronic cigarette becomes a product form accepted by the player because of better portability, the breeze 2 has come to us. The light breeze 2 generation continues the overall style of the 1st generation and still has a good portable experience. In addition, the breeze 2 generation and those upgrades and changes, let us come to understand.

        The outer packaging is a black background color with a strong business style. The front is the appearance of the host and the product identification. The back of the fuselage is a list of packaging and manufacturer-related information.

       After opening the package, there are breeze 2 equipment, atomizer coil (1.0Ω/0.6Ω), sealing ring, sealing plug, Micro USB charging cable, warranty card and manual.

        It has good portability with the Breeze 1 generation. Yi Jia Te is also equipped with a dust cap for the Breeze 2 suit, which can effectively prevent dust from entering in pockets or backpacks. The overall size of the cartridge is 96*35*19mm, which is not much different from the light wind 1 generation.

        Remove the dust cover, compared with the drip tips of other small e-cigarette sets, the rectangular drop tips is several times larger in front of the eyes, and the flat design is very comfortable for the player to have a mouthpiece. The drip tip and the oil storage bin are linked together by a snap-on structure. When the entire oil storage bin is removed, it is necessary to simultaneously press the buttons on both sides of the fuselage, and when the sound is heard, the oil storage bin can be ejected.

        Aspire Yi Jia Te produced – Breeze 2 generation integrated electronic cigarette set use evaluation Aspire Yi Jia Te produced – Breeze 2 generation integrated electronic cigarette set use evaluation Aspire Yi Jia Te produced

       After removing the drip trip, it can be seen that the light wind 2 set adopts the top air intake design and supports the adjustment of the intake air size to meet the user’s pursuit of different suction resistance. However, after use, it is known that even if the air inlet is fully opened, a large suction resistance can be felt, and the gentle lung suction method is more suitable for such design.

        The light wind 1 generation is different from the 2nd generation oil storage method. The 1st generation oil storage tank is inside the fuselage, and the 2nd generation is directly set as a separate e-cigarette bomb, but the finished atomizer coil and e-liquid is also used. Unscrew the top airflow adjustment ring of the oil storage tank, install the atomizer coils onto the adjustment ring, and install the atomizer coils. Adding e-liquid requires opening the rubber pad on the bottom of the oil storage bin. The replacement of the atomizing coil is designed separately from the oil filling port, and no matter whether it is adding e-liquid or replacing the atomizing coil, it will not affect another operation.

        The storage tank capacity is 2ml, and the battery life is shorter for a 0.6 ohm atomizing coil with a large amount of smoke. However, the later manufacturers will introduce a standard version of the oil storage tank with a storage capacity of 3 ml.

        The light breeze 2 generation body case is a built-in 1000mAh capacity battery. When the frequency of use is not high, the battery life time can easily cope with the usage time of one day. The front of the fuselage is equipped with an ignition button, which is pressed 5 times for the power on/off operation. Unlike the light wind 1 generation, the light wind 2 generation cancels the air brake function, and it is necessary to press the ignition switch to atomizer each time the suction is performed.

        Summary: Today, as the small e-cigarette and nicotine salt e-juice is getting hotter, Yi Jiate has already begun to get involved and layout in this market segment. Players have complaints about the fact that they can’t add e-juice on their own, and the endurance time is not long enough. The  2nd generation suit can directly solve the “pain point” in the game for the player. After pressing the ignition button to energize, next to the contact of the subject and the oil storage bin, two LED lights illuminate the inside of the cartridge, reflecting the colorful light, which is very beautiful. However, compared with the 1st generation, the light wind 2 generation has an upgrade, but it does not give the player a more eye-catching and more amazing function, but it is slightly disappointing.

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