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Wismec Reuleaux RX200S 200W Vape Mods Temp Control Box Mod battery with 5 colors could choose.

Hello everyone, today is the Wisce’s electronic cigarette battery mod RX200S.

In addition to the well-known DNA200 in the WismecReuleaux series, another RX200, a three-electric device, is also receiving rave reviews, and now it is an upgraded version of the RX200, the RX200S. The 0.96-inch OLED screen responds to the popular big screen trend, powerful battery life, and the sudden burst of ignition makes this product a remarkable one.

Product configuration:

Dimensions: length 50.0 mm, width 40.0 mm, height 84.0 mm

Thread: 510 thread battery

Battery type: high magnification 18650 battery (continuous output current is not less than 25A)

Output mode: VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR Mode

Power range: 1-200W

Resistance range: in temperature control mode, 0.05-1.5 ohms/power mode, 0.1-3.5 ohms

Temperature control range: 100-315 degrees Celsius / 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit

First of all, the front side of the package is in the middle of the law, the back security code can be scratched, and the product is guaranteed. Focus on the bottom of the back, clearly marked in model, dealer, phone, address, dealer, dealer address.

List of items:


USB charging cable*1

Instruction manual*1

(The manual is in English, although it is clearly marked on the back of the manual: MADE IN CHINA)

Although the overall body is a three-electric box, but the grip is comfortable, and does not feel the feeling of one hand can not hold. Because the official did not give specific data on the paint surface, the metal texture is nothing to say.

The above picture is already using the 510 interface after 1 day, and it has already produced wear, but considering that the 510 interface is also painted, it is inevitable that there is wear and tear.

The bottom is vented with various signs, models, and 4 rows of pressure relief ports, each with 5 small holes, which greatly improves safety protection. In addition, there are 1 row of 3 pressure relief holes on the side of the fuselage. It should also be considered in consideration of the three-electric 200W high-power output to enhance heat dissipation.

The bottom and bottom of the battery compartment are clearly marked with the positive and negative positions, while the uppermost battery is placed opposite the positive and negative poles. There is a drawstring, and there is no problem with disassembling the battery. The four magnets of the warehouse cover correspond to the four magnets of the warehouse body, and the suction force is very strong, so there is no need to worry about the problem of the cover cover slipping. And a total of 8 magnets are in-line. Don’t worry too much about the loss of small magnets. (Please be sure to note that the battery must use the same brand!)

Key operation:

Ignition key 5: power on, power off. Under the ignition key 3: the mode cursor on the screen flashes, the minus key is selected to adjust the specific option, and the plus key is changed. In the power mode, the ignition key + plus key locks the resistance.

(The body has no – + icon, the minus key is a circular circle for the body, and the identification is simple.)


RX200S+MATTY atomizer + iced Tieguanyin E-liquid.

MATTY atomizer double-engine structure, A1 wire 26G, 0.3 ring diameter, 6 turns. The resistance is 0.49. Power 40W.

There is no delay in ignition, and the taste oil is still in a low resistance, and still gives a considerable amount of smoke. The following figure shares the amount of 1S ignition smoke:

The hot summer is accompanied by the ice-cold Tieguanyin, the cyclical explosion taste brought by MATTY, the powerful explosion and battery life of the three electric hosts, which makes people completely unable to stop. This is not, one does not pay attention:

Unconsciously, I have already killed about 8ML of e-juice. Cotton and heating wire have also been seriously carbonized. After all, the pursuit of violent taste, exceeding the output of the formula power, fuel consumption is quite large.


1, three electric life is good, 40W power, using Sony C4 power 2100mAh capacity, barrier-free use for one day. Frequent use of Henggang atomizer 0.8 resistance atomization core, one morning 2 warehouse e-liquid, the use of electricity is only 20%. Life is quite awesome!

2, the power is not a virtual standard, the same, this is also the benefits brought by the three power, even in the case of only 20% of the power is still very fast, the output is normal!

3, feel comfortable, almost can be chamfered in every place, the case of being scratched by the box will not happen.


1. The volume causes the whole to be quite compact. At the same time, the problem is that the body heats up quickly, and the heat is very strong under continuous high-power operation, even the whole front panel is very hot.

2, very difficult to understand why the 510 interface should also be painted, the first day of use has already hanged a lot of paint, Virgo really will be very tangled.

3, or because of the relationship between the three power, the box is really heavy. If you want to bring out the street, I am afraid there is still some difficulty, and the whole body is fat and round, and I am very worried that the girls with small hands will not be able to catch it.

In general, the RX200S first increased the screen on the basis of the previous generation, and the various data can be seen at a glance. Secondly, the performance under low power is very reassuring. After all, frequent battery replacement is really uncomfortable. local. Finally, the workmanship does improve a lot, chamfer or something, big love!

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