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First, my opinion about nicotine:
      1. If you simply use e-cigarette as a form of entertainment, just want to enjoy the scent of E-liquid, or if you want to quit smoking, then 0mg is undoubtedly the first choice;
      2. If you are looking for the feeling of smoking and wish to continue the throat sensation of cigarettes, 6-11mg is a good choice;
      3. For old smokers, If you can not stand no nicotine smoking, you can choose 18-24mg which is thicker.
Dekang e-liquid outer packaging evaluation:
      Dekang’s classic packaging is quite solid, with Dekang’s logo printed on the front and the plastic dropper bottle in brown. The 10ml bottle capacity is very suitable for people who are greedy and fresh and want to try several flavors. Like other 30ml packaging, if you encounter a taste that you don’t like, you still have to take a 2 or 3 weeks, which is really uncomfortable. Moreover, the oil will last for a long time and the taste will change. Therefore, in terms of personal frequency of use, I still feel that 10ml is the most pure and original pleasure experience.
Dekang e-liquid pen cover evaluation:
      The cap has a child lock setting. When opening the lid, first press the cap and then twist the cap counterclockwise.
Dekang e-liquid color evaluation:
      Almost the same color as water, transparent, not very sticky.
Here are some of the better flavors I have tried:
David Duff (DV blend):
      I used to take “David Duf” (this is a rich and sweet tobacco flavor aroma, like the traditional aromatic cigarettes of red tobacco), but it is still a little different.
      Personally, this is a ration for a mature man. Like chocolate flavor, A touch of chocolate scent, delicate and not pungent, with aromas from exotic countries.
      When you open the cap, the rich aroma will immediately envelop your sense of smell, as if you were in the majestic German classical music.
      At the beginning of the entrance, the thick mixed scent of the scent, with a creamy cream, tumbling in the mouth. Gradually the tip of the tongue can be felt to be the lingering from chocolate cocoa. At this time, the tobacco flavor of DV blend is just right to absorb and perfectly blend together. A thick sense of solidity radiates from the mouth to every corner of the body, like a smocked smock, which makes people feel refreshed.
      Anyone who has drunk “Mojito” will like the faint sweetness of it. The thrill of mint is like a whirlwind in the throat, flowing with the rhythm of breathing.
      Particularly suitable for the pursuit of excitement, the pursuit of fashion for the young family.
      And Dekang’s “Mojito” gives me the feeling, not just that.
      At the moment when the package was torn open, the refreshing cocktail of “Mojito” rushed to the surface, so that I couldn’t wait to add the e-liquid.
      When it was first sucked, the “Mojito” wine was particularly strong and with a hint of fruit and fruit aroma, accompanied by a cool feeling, as if to bring people into the world of refreshing and charming “Mojito” fragrance. in.
      Personal suggestion, when injecting “Mojito” e-juice, blending Xiao Xuqiang mint smoke oil will make the throat feel like a storm, and taste better!
      Others such as “fruit mix”, “Coca-Cola”, “Red Bull” are also suitable for beginners, fruit flavors,  with a sweet taste, easy to enter.
     There are so many brands of E-liquid, and finding something that suits your taste is not an easy task. This time I tried their new tastes, and then I will try other flavors of their homes, and I look forward to more new discoveries.
      Deaf people are not talented, there are not many gorgeous rhetoric or vivid words, a few strokes, I hope to be able to throw bricks and attract jade.
      Finally, I hope that you will find the e-liquid that suits your taste as soon as possible! And you can buy e-liquid / e-juice at our online store KKEMC.COM