How to build good relationship with your customers?

How to build good relationship with your customers?

For e-cigarettes field, most of us choose network store, we can not see each other everyday. Sometimes, we can not see the customers over 3 years or more. So how to build good relationship with your customers is very important.

  1. Real and beautiful picture in your own store.

As you know, E-cigarette is one battery driven device, which can smoke, just like the real smoke in the real life. So real and beautiful picture is the most important.  All of the pictures from is taken by our own Photographer, all the 280mah KR808D-1 battery, 180mah KR808D-1 battery, 400mah KR808D-X battery, dispensable battery all from our own factory.  The atomizer and 808D USB charger is from our own factory.


180mah-blue-led-808d-battery-3 180mah-blue-led-808d-battery-4 180mah-blue-led-808d-battery-7 180mah-blue-led-808d-battery-11 180mah-blue-led-kr808d-battery-1

Besides these real pictures and our photographer excellent skil, we also take the pictures of the vaper smoker. As you know, if you are girl who like to eat snack, when you see someone eating delicious food, you wonder where the girl buy these snacks. Or she will come up to ask about it, or she will look for it where she can buy the delicious food. For e-cigarette, it is same. Our popular item, KR808D battery, 180mah KR808D battery, 280mah KR 808D battery, 400mah KR808D battery. We gain the customers from the good reputation from our old customers.  That is the second import point.


  1. Good reputation/feedback in the most important station.

Of course, everyone likes our sales network is impossible. But we intend to achieve everyone satisfy in our daily job. We tell our customers, if you think the e-cigarette from is not good quality, you can say bad words to our after-sales service.

If you think e-cigarette from is good quality, our service is perfect, please show your feedback to your family, your friend and your colleague.


That is the reason why our customers raising everyday.


  1. New item test freely.

E-cigarette is new thing for some country. They learned about e-cigarette when they visit China. They can test it in our company and take back some samples freely to his own country. Then the followers in his country will know the new things. It goods for others, why not help them?  Every 6 monthes we have new items on the market. We will introduce new items to our old customers, we also can delivery new items freely to our VIP customers. Of course, the fresh visited in our company, they can test it and take back to his own country.


  1. Important festival greetings.

Human beings is different with the animals, because we have feeling and we can control our feeling and change our feeling into action and feedback. That is same in our business. We show greetings to our customers based on Chinese traditional festival. We also show greetings to customers based on their own culture. When some country came across the bad things, our sales girl will prey for them and show their greetings at the first time.


So we treat our customers as friend. We are not only supplier and customers, but also friends.

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