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Many people ask the question. How do I choose electronic cigarettes? How do I choose a atomizer? What kind of e-liquid is good? Well, as an old driver, let’s talk about how to choose e-cigarette today!
How to choose e-cigarette?First talk about how to choose e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes can be roughly said that there kinds, one is a constant pressure, is a fool-style operation, there is only one button, you want to smoke when you click, do not want to suck do not control it, This is basically the first choice for smoking cessation, because the built-in constant pressure chip, pay attention to the taste, you can simulate the real smoke, so quit smoking selected constant pressure pole is correct. The second is the temperature control box, which belongs to the upgraded version after the constant pressure, that is, you can adjust the temperature yourself to debug the smoke level that suits your taste. The playability is very high. The temperature control box can be smokey and can be delicious, it can’t be better! The last kind is super players playing, mechanical poles, and I advise new players not to touch that thing, If you want to play a mechanical pole, then you need to have a certain understanding of circuit knowledge, but also have a strong hands-on ability.
After talking about the e-cigarette, we talk about the atomizer. The atomizer is also the most important part of the e-cigarette. Without the atomizer, this e-cigarette can’t not work. Then the problem is, I am a fresh, how do I know what atomizer is better, sellers let me buy what I buy! This is just wrong, it can’t be a good atomizer. You should know he importance of the atomizer! It is the core part of electronic cigarette .
How to choose a atomizer?
The atomizers can be roughly divided into three types: finished atomizers, DIY e-juice atomizers, and RDA oil drop atomizers.
Finished atomizer you do not to do it yourself, can be used directly, prepare some atomizer coils at home and regular change the atomizer coils. Suitable for players who want to quit smoking and in pursuit of taste.
How to choose e-juice?
E-juice mainly consists of four components: vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and spices. VG is mainly used to produce a lot of somke, no side effects on the human body, but due to its viscous nature, it will slightly increase the difficulty of cleaning the atomizer; PG makes the viscosity of the e-juice to reduce, to facilitate the guide of oil; spices are used to regulate the taste of flavors; while the main role of nicotine is to ease the addiction, produce a sense of throat, and there is a certain role to enhance the taste of e-liquid. If you have not smoked before, it is recommended to choose 0mg. Nicotine-containing e-juice can be roughly estimated based on the amount of cigarettes. If a packet of cigarettes is smoked every day, a concentration of 3-6 mg is sufficient. It is generally not recommended to choose more than 18mg of e-juice, may cause throat irritation or dizziness.
Smoke oil can be basically divided into three flavors, tobacco flavor, fruit flavor, all kinds of food and beverage. Each of the three flavors has its own subtleties. The tobacco taste is more concerned with the taste of the mouth to seek a sense of larynx. The taste of fruits and drinks is more inclined to the big smoke, seeking the realm of smoke lingering. In the end what kind of electronic cigarettes, what atomizers, what smoke oil, but also according to their own needs to choose, do not blindly pursue. What is best for you? Is not the truth? Nowadays, there are a variety of electronic cigarettes on the market. These e-cigarettes can be used to “quickly get rid of the haze of smoking”. What is the effect and effect of these e-cigarettes? In the end, is it possible to consolidate the results? This has become a hot topic for many people. Because the supervision and management of the relevant supervisory departments is not proper and there are loopholes, it has led to easy access to legal loopholes in this industry sector. Many substandard e-cigarettes produced by unqualified manufacturers do not allow people to completely get rid of cigarette troubles. Instead, they lead to various potential hidden dangers and disasters.
Why is the electronic cigarette harmed and the impact is fierce? In the final analysis, the producers in this area not only improperly run their qualifications, but also pay attention to economic benefits and maximization of profits in the process of production. They do not look at the market laws and competition rules from a long-term perspective, thus cutting corners, counterfeiting, and stealing. The phenomena are not uncommon. A lot of inferior materials, e-liquid, tobacco leaves, etc. have flooded into the consumer market, which not only brings huge negative impacts on the market, but also is very unfair to competitors. And for smokers, not only can not completely quit smoking, get rid of the predicament, the key is that bad products can cause oral mucosa to be burned and cause ulceration, and even oral cancer, laryngeal edema and other incurable diseases.
The reason why these e-cigarettes sold by three non-manufactured manufacturers have formed an undercurrent in the market is mainly due to the fact that the tobacco and nicotine substitutes they use are not only over-concentrated but also highly irritating, such as diethylene glycol and nitrous oxide. Amines, etc., and even some sulphides, nitrides, and heavy metals can cause disorders of the central nervous system. These are chronic diseases that develop over time.
The second point is also very important, many people will find that electronic cigarette can not be separated from the battery, but many of the lithium battery of unknown specifications did not pass the strict quality control and auditing will be poured into the market, electronic cigarette due to its own space is limited Lithium batteries are prone to overheated spontaneous combustion or even popping if they are used for too long. Electron-Lithium batteries are explosive in the oral cavity and various types of disasters occur frequently in foreign countries. These potential hazards are even higher than normal. Cigarettes are even more serious.
So many people are very puzzled and curious is that electronic cigarettes can really make people quickly quit smoking in a short period of time? What medicine is hidden in the gourd? Therefore, many smokers are holding a luck mentally ready to try, in fact, smoking cessation does not need to be replaced, civet cats for the Prince, but requires a perseverance. And often these unscrupulous merchants have caught the smoker’s psychology of life-saving straw, so they promote the so-called three non-product electronic cigarettes.
Smoking hurts and also affects family members. It is under the stylish appearance, exquisite steam monster, 160 watts high power, e-juice atomization effect is good, no oil leakage and your mouth didn’t feel hot, no abnormal fever. Smoking is harmful to health. The principle of e-cigarettes is to heat e-juice into water vapor through an atomizer. There are no signs of nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, and there is no danger of secondhand smoke.