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      IQOS e-cigarette is a product from Phillips. Once it was published, it swept Europe, the United States and Japan, and Taiwan! It is an authentic intermediate product of electronic cigarettes and cigarettes, which satisfies everyone’s pursuit!
       IQOS e-cigarette is commonly attributed to heat not burn tobacco products in the industry, and works by baking tobacco to produce smoke instead of directly burning tobacco.
       Then the question is coming, is the IQOS e-cigarette harmful? How is it used? Since its launch, IQOS has been labelled “smoke-free, odorless, and harmless”. But is this smoke really so amazing?
       The answer is: YES, I am a user of IQOS and I’d like to share with you! I am currently using IQOS, and the first pack of cigarettes I smoked is Marlboro with light mint/menthol flavor. After getting the equipment, I searched the manual on the Internet and followed the prompts step by step. After everything was done, I took a slam dunk and It was familiar with the taste of the Marlboro, and more than 20 in the supermarket. The smoke sucked into the mouth at first, it was hot, and the deep breath was accompanied by a burst of cool and strong throat sensation. It was just like a cigarette, and even the resistance of the suction was no different from the real smoke. Compared with real cigarettes, the smoke IQOS e-cigarette is much smaller, and there is almost no second-hand smoke in the house. It almost has no smoke and smell. And there is no ash, and I don’t have to worry about the ash everywhere on my computer desk…
       I have been using IQOS for 3 months today. I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes. I used to pack one pack a day. I was also guilty on the first day. Can this stuff really hold back the cravings? It turned out to be awkward, but on the first day I took a full pack of cigarettes (20). In the first few days, it was a pack a day. In September, two half-smoke cartridges were used (one 10 packs were the same as regular cigarettes). Two were used in October. Now it is December, and I bought 2 of them in November. The cartridge hasn’t finished yet… At first I was worried that this stuff is very high in tar, because its taste is too similar to real smoke. Until one day my friend gave me a cigarette, I was too much to be overwhelmed by the ash and thick tar. I am used to the IQOS without the smell of ash, and I am no longer used to cigarettes.
OK, let me summarize.
       1. Smoke tar is basically filtered, reducing the damage to your body and others while taking nicotine (note that I am not sure, not responsible for this).
       2. There is no soot, no open flame, and it is convenient to throw cigarette butts. When I can’t find the trash can, I will put it back into the box and I won’t have to carry the carry-on ashtray.
       3. The smoke is small, almost no smell, and it can be sucked in more occasions. I have not smoked on the plane, but I have smoked it in the terminal building, hotels, and non-smoking hotels in Europe. There is no taste at all, no one cares.
       4. You can take the plane and get off the plane. You don’t have to find a place to buy a lighter. (There are few countries in the world that stipulate that the lighter can’t be brought on the plane, China is too wonderful).
       5. E-cigarettes are more like cigarettes than most e-liquid.
       1. In case there is no electricity and no charging treasure, it will be forced to stop.
       2. It takes only five minutes to pump one, and it’s not too big. (I used to pump Marlboro Crisp Mint, blue and gray box, cool, without blasting beads. Dark green smoke bombs should be similar to it, 0.6 or 0.7) For people with high cravings, it may not be strong enough. Introducing to my friend, the cigarette addiction is very big, so he bought two sets, and changed it.
       3. The feeling of smoking is already very good, and most of the electronic cigarettes are destroyed, but there are still some differences compared with cigarettes. It is estimated that not all People can adapt.
       4. Every time you buy a cigarette, you have to find a purchase in advance. Some purchases do not give force for a long time without shipping, and you will lose food.
       5. The quality of iQOS is not known. If there is no smoke in the moment, it will be smoked.
       6. After getting used to it, I will re-extract Marlboro Crisp Mint and feel a bit strange. Fortunately, it is still enjoyable, and the scorpion and lungs are not uncomfortable.
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