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Now the industry is saying that nicotine salt will be the next revolutionary thing in the e-cigarette industry. So what is nicotine salt? How is it different from nicotine in common e-cigarettes? Is it really helpful for quitting smoking? Will it be harmful? Next, let’s take a look at some of the research experts from abroad to analyze the new technology of nicotine salt.

What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine in tobacco leaves. Unlike nicotine, which is commonly used in e-cigarettes, these salts are not just nicotine; they are compounds that contain nicotine and other organic components. It may be combined with one or more chemicals in the tobacco, but the result is the same – forming a more stable molecule.

The nicotine form commonly used in e-cigarettes is called “free base” nicotine. This form of nicotine is not dependent on any other substance and is generally considered to be more desirable for steam and other uses because it is a “volatile” (ie, readily evaporable) form of nicotine.

In fact, the tobacco industry is working hard to increase the amount of “free base” nicotine in cigarettes. This is the main factor contributing to the success of Marlboro cigarettes, as Philip Morris is a pioneer in this successful approach.

What is the problem with nicotine salt?

The biggest significance of nicotine salt is to solve the problem of nicotine transmission efficiency. Ordinary “free base nicotine” E-liquid is not ideal for trying to increase the input of blood nicotine in e-cigarette equipment, so it is difficult for e-cigarette users to get the same satisfaction as smoking, and the excessive nicotine content only stays in the throat. Excessive stimulation, only a small fraction of the blood that has a real need for nicotine within a valid time. Excessive stimulation of the throat by high levels of nicotine smoke also reduces the user experience of the e-cigarette.

Nicotine salt has a stronger penetrating power than “free base nicotine”, increasing the level of nicotine that can penetrate into the blood at the same time, thus providing a solution that is close to the absorption of nicotine by the blood without excessive stimulation of the throat. . This is why the pod mods such as JUUL, PHIX, MT, etc. have been recognized by a considerable number of smokers.

What is the role of nicotine salt?

Why do we have to try nicotine salt E-liquid instead of just sticking to ordinary free base nicotine E-liquid? Does it have any obvious effect on us?

▲ You will get more nicotine more quickly. Generally speaking, it is more convenient for you to meet your own needs for nicotine than the general E-liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking.

▲ More smoke-saving, if not a simple smoker, just to meet the e-cigarette to meet the cravings, nicotine salt E-liquid will let you use less E-liquid to meet your expected nicotine intake.

▲ Nicotine salt E-liquid has a longer shelf life, and the nicotine salt is more stable than the free base nicotine, which means that the nicotine salt stock solution lasts longer without storage and does not undergo nicotine degradation.

▲ You don’t need a high-powered device. Nicotine salt E-liquid can get nicotine more efficiently, so you don’t need a high-powered box, even a simple small device can satisfy your need for nicotine.

How to use nicotine salt

Nicotine salt electronic cigarette oil is mainly used in low power equipment. PHIX or MT is an ideal example for nicotine salts. It’s beautifully portable and low-powered, basically like an elaborate dummy cigarette. Pod-style devices are ideal for nicotine salts. A basic pen-type e-cigarette provides enough power to achieve a satisfactory vape experience from high nicotine salt blended fumes.

The biggest advantage here is that for novice e-cigarette users, they will get the most benefit from more efficient nicotine absorption and no need for overly complex equipment. If you have a high-powered device, you can also get nicotine in low-content nicotine salt oil. Whether this is significantly better than ordinary nicotine E-liquid at the same nicotine level is unclear because one of the biggest benefits of using nicotine salt is that it can comfortably inhale higher levels of nicotine.

Is nicotine salt safe?

This is a problem that many people are concerned about. In fact, the nicotine salt itself is as safe as the free base nicotine. Even in the form of salt, nicotine affects the body in the same way, so there is no real difference in risk.

However, there is an important factor to consider. In order for the nicotine salt to function in the electronic cigarette oil, benzoic acid is added to the mixture. Although this is not very toxic to humans, most of the evidence is about intake rather than inhalation. Little is found in the study of animals, but the fact is that we are not sure what the long-term effects of benzoic acid in the inhaled nicotine salt on humans are.

Despite the big question mark on the risk of inhaling benzoic acid, it is self-evident that e-cigarettes that inhale and evaporate nicotine salts are still much safer than smoking. In addition, the reduction in the amount of steam you need to inhale may make high-intensity nicotine salt E-liquid safer than regular electronic cigarette oil.

Will nicotine salt produce dependence?

There is indeed a situation in which nicotine salts can be relied upon. The other components of cigarettes do enhance tobacco dependence, but nicotine itself remains a major reliant component of smoking. In short, nicotine salt E-liquid is as dependent as free base nicotine E-liquid, and if it causes a sharp increase in the level of nicotine in the blood, it may actually be more prone to dependence than ordinary e-cigarette oil. . But if you choose nicotine salt in order to quit smoking, it will help you get rid of other hazards of cigarettes.

Who is the nicotine salt for?

Nicotine salt E-liquid does not necessarily apply to every Vaper, but it is ideal for some people. For example, if you like big smoke, it’s best to stick to standard E-liquid. However, for those who have just over-extended from smoking and found that ordinary e-cigarettes do not satisfy nicotine intake, or anyone who wants to use e-cigarettes quickly and understated, nicotine salt will be their most powerful smoking cessation assistant. . Nicotine salt technology may still be unknown to the public and needs more recognition. I look forward to the glory of nicotine salt in the e-cigarette industry, or in the near future!