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        Hello everyone, The demand for cigarette replacement is the original intention of many users who choose e-cigarettes. From the beginning of the invention of e-cigarettes, there are always mouth-supply products. In the past 18 years, the flat e-cigarette products of the mouth-sucking type have been developed and launched, and even have become the mainstream product type of the electronic cigarette market this year.


         The DROP “water droplet” cigarette launched by SUORIN is very similar in shape to its name. The five colors and the shape of the water droplet make the SUORIN DROP look very beautiful and stylish. For consumers, they can also choose their favorite. color. The water droplets are simple and neat, and are very close to the packaging style of digital products. In addition to the instructions and data lines of the independent carton packaging, a graphic card for oiling operation is also included in the package.


        The overall operation of the water droplets is excellent, the seams of the fuselage and the gap between the atomizer and the fuselage are very small. The surface of the fuselage is treated with a skin-like layer, which feels good. The shape of the whole body is very similar to the water droplets, and it looks round and rich in texture. The charging interface is located at the center of the bottom of the fuselage. This design allows the user to hold it more easily while holding the side suction.


        The curved treatment of the upper edge of the flat fuselage makes the water droplets have a good grip, and with a very skin-friendly coating, it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. The top part of the cartridge also has a flat design that fits well over the mouth. Need to pay attention to the LOGO part of the fuselage similar to the ignition key is just a factory LOGO, water droplets e-cigarette is operated by suction induction, the body does not have any buttons.


        Under the cartridge of suorin drop, there will be a layer of stickers under the factory, and the host can be connected after the sticker is removed. The two contacts at the bottom of the cartridge are treated with a concave surface, which allows the two contacts of the fuselage to be embedded and connected to the cartridge to ensure stable energization of the cartridge and the fuselage. At the same time, there are protrusions in the middle of the sides of the cartridge, which can ensure that the cartridge will not be easily pulled out when installed on the main engine. The design of the two small parts can see the careful design of the small e-cigarette of water droplets, and also ensure the stable energization of small e-cigarette to a large extent.


        The e-cigarette cartidge with small water droplets can hold 2ML of e-liquid, and the atomizer coil of the cartridge is composed of coil and oil guide cotton, which is located at the center of the bottom of the cartridge. Through the cartridge indicator card in the package, it can be known that the cigarette with water droplets has two openings below, and when the oil is injected, the other hole can function as a pressure relief of the cartridge body. The oil injection opening can meet the insertion of the end of the plastic dropper, but there will still be some residual oil after the oil filling is completed. If you want to save the trouble of wiping, you can also use the needle-type e-juice bottle to fill the oil.


        There is an indicator light on both sides of the fuselage of the fuselage for the indication of the power and warning notice. The transparent rubber pad located in the middle of the fuselage can cooperate with the two rubber plugs at the bottom of the cartridge to better seal the e-liquid inside the cartridge. At the same time, this transparent rubber pad can provide a smoother intake route for the air intake hole at the bottom of the cartridge, ensuring sufficient intake of the cartridge.


        The oil-filled empty cartridge provide convenience for users to choose their favorite smoke oil. It is recommended to use low-VG high nicotine e-liquid for use, or choose nicotine salt e-liquid for small e-cigarette to have better use effect. Tested with the honey tree cigar taste of the tree of life, the small suorin drop can clearly express the two flavors of tobacco. Although there is no layered e-cigarette atomizer, but for a small e-cigarette, The performance of small e-cigarette in the taste is still good.


        With 310 mAh battery capacity and 2ML e-liquid capacity, the suorin drop are still very safe. The whole product design is very detailed, the details are handled very well, plus beautiful fashion design, suorin drop small e-cigarette is still very flattering.

        If you say the shortcomings, when you breathe in your mouth, the suorin will not feel very tight, and you can even inhale them with mild lungs. Of course, the need for inspiratory resistance and inspiratory methods varies from person to person. It is an advantage for many people to be able to satisfy both mild lung and mouth.

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