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        Today, I am going to tell you about the help of e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Many people do not believe in the facts of e-smoking. They think that e-cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes. Is this really the case? In fact, e-cigarettes do not contain tar, aerosols and other harmful substances in cigarettes. Ingredients, manufacturers also believe that e-cigarettes do not have diffuse or lingering second-hand smoke. In general, e-cigarettes have some help in quitting smoking. Is there any harm to e-cigarettes? It is healthier than cigarettes!

        I remember that I was only 12 years old that year, just rose to junior high school, and the second disease has already begun to show signs. Looking at the seniors who are holding cigarettes and swallowing clouds and screaming at friends, they feel particularly handsome and unconsciously infected with smoking. In the blink of an eye, there have been more than 30 this year, and the calculation of the age of tobacco has been 20 years. Usually, it is basically a pack a day, and the thunder is not moving. The smoke is also the Suyan and Zhongnanhai. This amount may not be smoked in many old smokers, but the amount accumulated in 20 years is not a decimal. After leaving the campus to participate in work, there is basically no exercise, and the body has clearly felt the impact of smoking for many years. I try to quit smoking, but I ended up failing. Even if I can reduce the smoke for a while, I can feel a certain refreshing change in my body. Finally, once I get busy, I still can’t help myself. Last year, I learned that the effect of promoting smoking cessation therapy abroad is quite remarkable. I also began to pay attention to this aspect of the product, so I got to know the e-cigarette.

        At the beginning, I was fainted by a large number of online comment articles. Both domestic and foreign manufacturers said that e-cigarettes are healthier, but some articles may say that e-cigarettes are more harmful. After searching some news from abroad and some news from China, I have roughly sorted out the problem. The key is to start with the most important part : e-liquid

        The formula of e-liquid is actually very simple: basically nicotine (with or without nicotine), propylene glycol or plant glycerin or both as a solvent, water (auxiliary solvent), spices (used to give you a variety of flavors) .

        1. Nicotine: It is generally believed that nicotine is mainly addictive and has no harm, but it is also said that nicotine also has health [risk]. The nicotine content of paper cigarettes is usually 6 mg; e-cigarettes can be selected according to their own choice of 0 mg (completely no), 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. Personally recommend 3mg, smoke addiction, long smoke may not feel enough 6mg. Individuals do not recommend 12mg, because I still locate the electronic cigarette on [control smoking, assist smoking cessation], do not smoking more if not necessary.

        2. Tobacco tar: Paper cigarettes vary according to different varieties, but e-cigarettes are zero. Tobacco tar is generally considered to be a major health hazard, so this alone is much less important than paper cigarettes in terms of health hazards.

        3. Propylene glycol: no paper smoke. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) believes that the toxicity is low (equivalent to salt), but low temperature heating, even incomplete combustion, may produce toxic aldehyde compounds, but there is no specific data and analysis (so I have repeatedly Emphasize that you want to be formal). In addition, I have seen reports of inflammatory effects on the lungs and trachea within minutes of propylene glycol inhalation.

        4. Other cigarette smoke hazards: Various metal particles, chemicals, dust, etc. produced by combustion, and electronic cigarettes are basically absent.

        5. Risks of other e-cigarettes: Glycerin and spices are edible (regularly), but whether they are still safe after being heated and atomized into the lungs is still a lack of data and authority. So I think it is still possible to have risks.

        In summary, I think that [regular] e-cigarettes should be safe and harmless, and may be too optimistic, but the risk should be much smaller than paper cigarettes.

        To figure out the risks, individuals feel that using e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes or assisting in quitting smoking is more profitable than risk. I also said earlier that although I am a bit old, but the amount is not much every day, so I directly choose 3mg of smoke oil to start. My plan is to completely get rid of cigarettes after changing the electronic cigarette. But for me this process took a long time. On the one hand, there are more friends who smoke in the surrounding environment. When you smoke together, you lose weight with your friends. (I like to take the opportunity to smoke outside the building to breathe, see the sun and green trees, so I still Help smokers mix together). On the other hand, it is too old and old, and the smog is more stubborn.

        I started to use e-cigarettes in early July last year. I remember that I didn’t smoke a cigarette in the first five days. I only smoked e-cigarettes. The habit of smoking was so bad that the benefits were obvious: the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis were basically gone in the morning, and occasionally I did some physical work. The lungs did not breathe so much. However, it is still not recommended to be so determined from the beginning, and the addiction will still affect the work. At that time, the plan was to halve the amount of cigarettes per day and then gradually reduce them. Persistence to January this year can basically be considered to completely get rid of cigarettes. It took half a year. In fact, there is occasional suction, especially when smoking with smokers and colleagues (when I have a headache, I want to smoke more). However, the total is about one or two in a few days, I think this amount will not be addictive. If I can get rid of the smokers’ circle by changing the e-cigarette, I think it will be much smoother. To sum up the experience, the key is to know how to reject the cigarettes handed over by others, and the chances of smoking will be much less.

        Then, now, replaced with 0mg smoke oil, this change has gone through a few days of addiction, in the past few days, looking for smokers and friends to smoke a few cigarettes to solve the addiction (about one in these days) A cigarette in two days), stabilized in less than a week. Now the rest should only have the habit of smoking. After two months, I plan to use chewing gum to try to quit this habit (don’t use snacks, don’t quit smoking but eat a fat man).

        Summarize my experience of using electronic smoking cessation, the most obvious feeling is that the body is much better, the chronic diseases of the throat are completely gone, the respiratory function is gradually normal, and you can jog for half an hour without taking a breath, your heart rate is not going. After testing, I think it should have improved a lot. If you use e-cigarettes in the first place with the idea of ​​fast smoking cessation, it is unrealistic. E-cigarettes should be positioned to assist smoking cessation and reduce the amount of smoking. If friends want to quit smoking and can’t find a way, try my electronic smoking cessation method.


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