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        Hello everyone. Since the appearance of small e-cigarettes and flat e-cigarettes, the popularity of small e-cigarette and flat e-cigarette products has increased day by day, among which the lightest pen-shaped e-cigarettes has been sought after by many users. The small water droplets launched by SUORIN stand out in the flat e-cigarettes with excellent workmanship and design, while the other small e-cigarettes SUORIN AIR launched with the water droplets is a new product with a lighter design point.
        In the name of SUORIN AIR, it is further echoed by the lightweight characteristics of the product. In terms of size, AIR is slightly longer than the small e-cigarettes and flat e-cigarettes, the total length is 86mm, and the AIR is thinner in thickness. From the design point of view, AIR’s card-style appearance will appear to be biased towards business style, but the multi-color body still provides users with more color choices.
        The AIR e-cigarette made of aluminum alloy and is only 37g in weight and feels very light in the hand. In the surface treatment process of the fuselage, AIR and SUORIN DROP adopt a completely different method, and have a metallic luster. However, the same as the DROP, the body feels very fine and has a fine matte texture.
       The Suorin Air Cartridge and the fuselage also use a magnetic link, the difference is that AIR has a strong magnet on the cartridge and the fuselage, the adsorption force is very strong, and the link is very firm. The two contacts of the cartridge are recessed, and the fuselage is linked to the cartridge to allow the fuselage contacts to be embedded in it to ensure stable energization. From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the “silicone valve control device” provided by the factory for the cartridge. The addition of this device can effectively prevent the cartridge from leaking.
       The bottom of the fuselage has a USB charging interface, indicator light and switch key. Although AIR is also a suction induction output mode, the manufacturer still has a push-on key for AIR. Next to the charging interface is a small e-cigarette indicator for power display and operation prompts. The indicator light can have a large light-emitting area through the translucent portion below the opening key, and the battery power can be clearly observed when sucking.
       The mouth opening of the AIR cigarette is located at the corner of the cartridge. Through the drip tips, it can be seen that the atomizer coil in the cartridge is composed of a loose coil and a cotton oil guide. The cigarette holder located obliquely above will inevitably have a flaw in the wrong position, and it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the e-cigarette holder when using it.
        AIR e-cigarette can hold 2ML of e-liquid oil, and each cartridge is recommended to cycle 5 to 8 times. Open the rubber plug at the bottom to see that the AIR cartridge has a large oil injection hole width, which can accommodate the insertion of the rubber dropper, and also has a certain space for the pressure relief of the oil tank. Since the oil tank of the AIR cartridge does not divide the e-liquid into two parts like the cigarette in the middle cigarette holder, there is no need to worry about the uneven oil distribution of the atomizer coil.
        Only 37g of AIR cigarettes have a battery capacity of 400mah, and the battery life is very good. The lightweight body is in the hands like a card, very light. From the appearance and structure, SUORIN AIR and DROP can be said to be two products with completely different design ideas. If you like to be light and need to self-inject the oil cartridge, then AIR will be a product worthy of attention.
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