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How to choose the suitable partner in e-cigarette field?

How to choose the suitable partner in e-cigarette field?

Now E-cigarette is easily bought from the retailer store, shopping mall and e-cigarette factory. So more and more people choose to invest in the e-cigarette field.  Yes, of course, you focus on the retailer store, shopping mall and on-line store, you will check the focus customers, such as, which item they like, how much they will spend on the trial item, how much they will spend every time, how often they will buy e-cigarette battery and cartomizer, e-liquid.  In fact, not all, you should take more time on choosing suitable supplier from countless manufacturers in China.

Now I show you some points:

  1. How about the sales network in the supplier?

Every e-cigarette manufacturer company has its own completely sales network, Engineers focus on the new item and after-sale service, they will advise how to extend the e-cigarette battery life, how to assure the e-cigarette battery safety before delivery. Sales girl will contact with you after you place order, show you update about the delivery time, arrival time and discuss with you how to delivery new replacement together with your new order. Of course, the most important is the boss, we call it Company culture. In fact, most of the company culture is the boss culture. For example, the boss focus on the growing rich in the e-cigarette field, they will focus on the short-time profits. If the boss focus on the e-cigarette field, they attend to improve the e-cigarette situation, intend to short the tobacco cigarette and help more and more smokers to enjoy better life. Finally he can earn more money, but his view is long-run, not only short time profits.

So communicate with the sales girl and the boss, you can know more about the company culture. Choosing the suitable e-cigarette supplier is one of the most important thing in your business life.

  1. What is the feedback for the mistake?

Yes, we know everyone will make mistake, such as, delivery wrong items to the customers, but we can know each other for the next-step action based on the mistake. Most of the e-cigarette suppliers require the defective items must be returned back, they can replace new items. But we will do more. After our engineers judge that that is defective items in customers’ hand, we will delivery new item replacement together with the new order. Customers collect the defective and delivery back together. Most of our customers are e-cigarette wholesale dealer. What is most important to us is to help our customers, then they can save more time and gain more money. They can place more orders. We can help more vapors in the world.

  1. How to communicate with customers?

Every week has two off-working days, one day is 8 hours working time. But our sales girl regard the work as life. They can leave office in 7:00 pm. Because of time difference, they can pick up the call in 12:00 pm. Of course, we have relaxable working time, sales girl can have 7-day off working vacation every year, not reducing the official vacation.

In one words, communicate with customers on time, regard customers as god and serve customers better and better, it is our moto. We do it all the time, in the past of 7 years ago, and we do it in the future, maybe 7 years later or long.

Help your customers, you help yourself.
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what you must to know for battery safety

Battery safety- what you must to know!

First, before anything else, proper battery care is important and should never be overlooked.  Some electronic cigarette manufacturers use the a poor batteries in China, The battery life is very short and very dangerous。Of course, these batteries is very cheap, and The batteries are less prone to regulation and oversight. They are also made by people who will never see you or face any consequences of bad proucts.   it is very rare that a batery will vent, explode or otherwise cause trouble. but we have all heard the stories right?

I don’t want to hear about one after another stories!

I cannot protect you from a bad battery I have no way of testing for potential bad batteries, only you through your vigilence and following some simple saftey tips can prevent something from happening.

Battery Safety Tips

1. Do not leave a charging battery unattended for any reason

It is not safe to leave your house, have them charge over night or otherwise ignore them.  When batteries fail it is usually in a dramatic fashion: venting liquid, heat and even flame in rare cases.

You wouldn’t leave the oven on; don’t leave your batteries charging!

 2. Inspect your batteries for signs of leakage.

Look at the battery, if it is a mod battery, inspect the seals, the coatings, the ends, look for torn seals, discolored areas or anything that doesn’t look like it belongs. Do this every time you charge the mod battery!

If you have a sealed battery like an eGo, make sure to do all of the above as well. It’s not as easy to see, but a bad eGo battery may show signs of danger as well.

3. Do not store your batteries in a hot place, in direct sunlight or in a tightly enclosed space. 

“Explosions” can happen when safety precautions aren’t taken.

4. Do not charge your batteries overnight.

This falls under Rule #1: “Do not leave charging batteries unattended!” Just don’t do it.

5. Check your charging cables 

Look for liquid, debris or signs of warping, melting or anything out of the ordinary. If it looks like something is amiss, don’t use it!

6. Clean the tops of your eGo batteries. 

Keep them clean of any residue, liquid or other debris, and check the charging cable connections well. Check everytime you charge a battery!

7. Keep odd battery problems in check

If your battery button sticks; if your battery is behaving unusually; if you even suspect there is something strange about the way your battery is working or chargind, do not use it. It is not worth the price of a battery to risk anything happening.  When in doubt, throw it out! (Preferably in a safe manner at your local recycling center)

8. Careful storage

Do not store a battery in your pocket, the actions of bending and twisting can turn on a battery, break a battery or otherwise cause damage. Do not store a battery in a purse with a device attached.

If this sounds like I am trying to scare you… you’d be right!

Batteries can be dangerous, can burn you and your belongings or, in rare cases, can start a fire.  This isn’t just e-cig related, the same thing can happen to your RC car, rechargeable remote batteries or anything else requiring a rechargable battery.