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      When you are watching this blog : what I should prepare before electronic cigarettes, you maybe already have a idea of getting rid of the harm of cigarettes to you. Then you need to consider some things, whether you want to completely get rid of this habit of swallowing clouds, or want to find a substitute for lower body damage.
      If you want to completely quit this habit, then you still need strong willpower and execution, and make a detailed plan for the use of e-cigarettes, step by step to get rid of this habit. Of course, it is much easier than simply forcing smoking cessation.
      The first step is to choose the right e-cigarette (usually recommend the use of small smoke type cigarettes). Because the electronic cigarette vapor and cigarette solids and gas mixture are different, the smokers who first contact the electronic cigarette will have a certain degree of physical discomfort. (Illness and intensity vary from person to person and can also be understood as tobacco withdrawal response) and it takes time to adapt.
      However, it should be noted that a very small number of people are allergic to PG (propylene glycol), one of the main components of E-liquid. If there is a phenomenon similar to allergies after use, please go to the hospital for examination.
      The second step is to find the nicotine concentration of e-liquid that you are currently accepting. After using it for a period of time, gradually reduce the nicotine strength in the e liquid, reduce the body’s dependence on nicotine, and slowly quit the dependence on nicotine until the nicotine. The content is zero.
      Here gives you a reference to the choice of nicotine content: for example, people who smoke a pack of cigarettes (dividends) every day, it is recommended to use 6mg nicotine content of e-juice (smoke for smoke type equipment), such as feeling too strong throat Then change to 3mg or add VG to the e-juice to dilute the nicotine. If you use a large smoke type, it is recommended to use 3mg nicotine content (of course, if you feel that you are not strong enough, choose 6mg).
      If you feel that the effect is not good enough to achieve the effect of eliminating the addiction, then use 12mg nicotine content of tobacco e-liquid. If the stimulation is too strong, use diluted VG to solve it.
      On this arduous road to quit smoking, many people will be captured by e-cigarettes. These people are called e-cigarette players.
      For those who are ready to use as a substitute for the smoke, you need to learn more than you need to plan (because you have entered a bottomless pit, you don’t want to climb for a few years) Go out
      For example, the classification of electronic cigarette power supply equipment, the classification of electronic cigarettes, the classification of heating wires, and various tank and coil making techniques.
      But one thing is that you need to think about it first. You are going to simply replace the smoke, or you have to play with smoke. This is also related to your future expenses. The smoke generated by the electronic cigarette is not obtained from the air, but the smoke. The product that is mixed with air after evaporation of the e juice, which means that the amount of smoke is proportional to the amount of fuel consumed.
      After this problem, it is the understanding of the device. Only by understanding the performance of different devices, can you find the device that suits you.
      After you have the right equipment, you have to choose the right kind of e-juice. It is like going to the hotel to order, and the dish you don’t like is the result of a hard time swallowing. The same is true for e-juice, and it is best for you to be your own.
      In the end, I also reiterated that e-cigarettes can’t quit smoking. Smoking cessation relies on your own willpower and execution, but e-cigarette can greatly alleviate your discomfort during smoking cessation and completely replace cigarettes. And many e-cigarettes mentioned by bad businesses can clear the lungs (actually rely on your own physical resilience), how can the propaganda language be nonsense, please don’t believe it.
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