What substances does DIY E-liquid need? | KKEMC.COM

      The E-liquid is mainly composed of four substances:
        “PG: Propylene Glycol”,
        “VG: Vegetable Glycerin”,
        “Flavor” / “Flavour”.
       Also known as nicotine, it is an addictive substance for cigarettes. A small amount of nicotine in the e-liquid can ensure that the addiction is met. Pure nicotine is highly toxic, and the nicotine content in e-liquid is often expressed in XXmg/ml. Generally, when purchasing tobacco e-liquid, you can choose 24mg/ml (very high concentration), 18mg/ml (high concentration), 12mg/ml (medium concentration), 6mg/ml (low concentration) or 0mg/ml (no nicotine). The concentration of nicotine over 24mg/ml is very harmful to the body, so basically no manufacturer can produce it, but customers can make their own deployment (no kidding, this is a life!)
      Nicotine is the first reason why e-cigarettes produce a “throat feeling.” The higher the concentration of nicotine in the e-liquid, the stronger the “throat feeling”, but at the same time, the more the taste of the e-liquid is reduced.
      Many newcomers will ask: “What kind of nicotine concentration do you need?” This question is difficult to answer because everyone’s addiction and “throat feeling” are different. The frequency of smoking e-cigarettes is different. Moreover, different atomizer configurations, atomization coil settings, and atomizer airflow sizes all have different personal experiences that affect the “throat feeling” and “the absorption efficiency of the lungs for nicotine.” I took a pack of Huang Furong Wang one day before I smoked the cigarette. The concentration of nicotine in 18mg/ml was slightly higher for me. When you choose the concentration of nicotine, it is recommended to first apply 12mg/ml. In the future, you can increase the concentration of nicotine. The concentration of nicotine at 12mg/ml is also recommended by foreign manufacturers. This concentration balances the “throat feeling” and “e-liquid”. “Taste”, that is, to satisfy your cravings without losing too much flavor of e-liquid).
      In any case, nicotine is always a substance that is harmful to the human body. This is why many people criticize the “e-cigarette” for being unhealthy. But compared with more than 4,000 harmful substances produced after burning cigarettes, nicotine is relatively healthy. Want to really be healthy and quit smoking? Don’t smoke it!
Propylene glycol (PG: Propylene Glycol):
      It is a common drug and food additive, hygroscopic, slightly sweet, odorless, colorless and transparent, and fluidity similar to water. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s description of PG is “common to human health.”
      PG is one of the basic components of electronic cigarette liquid (bearing nicotine and flavoring & flavors), mainly used to “carry most of the flavor of e liquid” and produce “small amount of mist” and “throat feeling”. If you like “big smoke”, then the e juice PG content you choose is not too high. Although PG is generally safe for humans, a small number of people still experience side effects such as throat discomfort, paralysis, and allergies. These side effects are short-lived and mild, as long as you stop smoking or change the PG content of the smog (and some smog is PG-free).
Vegetable Glycerin (VG: Vegetable Glycerin):
      It is a more common drug and food additive (usually used to make cakes, chocolates and other sweets), very hygroscopic, sweeter than PG, odorless, colorless and transparent, and fluidity similar to edible oil.
      VG is one of the basic components of electronic cigarette liquid (bearing nicotine and flavoring & flavor), mainly used to produce “a lot of fog. VG has no side effects on the human body (have not heard of anyone who is allergic to chocolate), but because of its stickiness The thick nature will slightly increase the difficulty of cleaning the atomizer. If you see that a certain juice is thicker, it means that the VG content is high.
Flavoring & Fragrance:
      Needless to say, the various flavors of the e-liquid are all transferred from the flavoring agent. Flavors and flavors are more easily attached to the PG (but relatively speaking, otherwise those pure VG smokers are not tasteless?). But it is worth noting that the higher the concentration of nicotine in the e-juice, the less likely the flavoring and flavor will be noticed by the nose and mouth. Some flavors can also produce a “throat feeling”, such as mint flavor e-liquid.
      E-liquid manufacturers thousands of dollars, but the conditional vaper (the person who smokes electronic cigarettes) still try to choose big brands and international brands. The flavors and fragrances used by small workshops and black heart companies to produce e-juice are hard to guarantee safety, and the taste is even worse.
      The same kind of e-liquid may have a completely different personal experience under different atomizers and settings. Because e-liquid can be DIY, some manufacturers and vaper will add other things to it: water, vodka, sweeteners, etc. On the whole, e-liquid is still a safer and less harmful substance, and regular products of regular manufacturers can be used with peace of mind. According to the knowledge provided in this article, everyone will not be completely touched when choosing e-liquid.
So for a few examples:
(1) If you want to be sweeter, the smoke is bigger, and the “throat feeling” is full of strength: choose high VG, high nicotine, and minty e-liquid.
(2) If you want to be soft, the amount of fog is moderate: check the PG/VG, medium and low nicotine smoke.
(3) If you want a distinct level of flavor: choose a nicotine-smoke.
(4) If you are lacking in passion for life: choose high PG, high nicotine, pure menthol flavor e-liquid.