Why KR808D-1 Battery can keep alive in 7 years?

Now many manufacturers in China offer KR808D Battery, how to choose the suitable China KR808d-1 Supplier is most important.

In chinese saying, good begin is the half success. So how to choose the KR808D Battery manufacturer is connecting with your future business.

KR808D-1 battery is in the market over 6 years ago.  KKEMC.COM is over 7 years in e-cigarette field.  There are 5 engineers who have over 7 years experience in e-cigarette field.  They viewed the e-cigarette from the beginning simple e-cigarette to the e-cigarette gift, from the battery 180mah to 280mah, 400mah, 1100mah, 1300mah and 2300mah, from the simple package same with the tobacco cigarette to the portable power bank and V1, V2 charger box. 

Why KR808D Battery can keep alive in 7 years?  Our engineer show you the answer:

1. KR808D has slim performance. similar with the true tobacco cigarette, suitable for fresh e-cigarette and 2-year experience e-cigarette vapers.

2. KR808D Battery has 150-500 puffs, it is best choice for the vapers.  It is suitable for nicotine additive, but not too much.

3.KR808D battery is over 6 years in the market, the battery quality is very good.

We viewed some new item hot in the market, but not long time, now disappear.

Look at the kr808d battery pictures, choose what you need.

180mah KR808D-1 battery

280mah auto kr808d battery

400mah auto kr808d-X battery for esmart or eslim

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